beach walk

There is nothing like coastal summer evenings. When I am at the beach, going for a nice evening walk is a must. Though we didn’t get to experience it this past week, the perfect summer evening temps are when it is warm enough to wear shorts and flip flops (or in my case, go barefoot through the sand), yet brisk enough to wear a sweatshirt.

It was a pretty humid week, so I didn’t get to bask in my desired high 70s air, however, it was still a beautiful night, and a nice walk with Anthony.




This man was found strummin’ away on his guitar every night we went to the beach (multiple weeks in a row). I love this kind of stuff. Nothing says “beach life” like playing your guitar on the sandy shore watching the sunset. Talk about setting the mood.



Okay, you caught me. This one may have been staged. But it looks legit., right? Even if he does get all squirmy and funny when I use him as my subject, you’d never know it. ๐Ÿ™‚

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