when opportunity knocks

My boyfriend Anthony is a 23-year-old architecture graduate student.  I wish I could accurately depict how hard he words on a daily basis both during the semester, and beyond.  In fact, as I type this, he is sitting ten feet to my left hard at work over the summer on a more-time-consuming-than-anticipated project that one of his professors recruited his help for.


With his final year of graduate school on the horizon, he is thinking more about his career path, and where he would like architecture to take him.  I may be biased, but knowing the hours he clocks, and how dedicated he is to his work (not to mention, how he is an absolute natural)?  I have no doubt he will get exactly where he wants to be. 🙂

Anywho, the very same professor who sought him out this summer to do his leg work on some project also made some suggestions to him about certain avenues to pursue post-graduation in 2014.  Aside from the obvious applying for jobs at the bottom of the totem pole, he offered two potentially steep undertakings as alternatives.

The first being a year in London.  There is an architecture school there that I believe his professor went to, and claimed that every successful friend of his went to as well.  Hard to argue with.  It was a future I was actually seriously considering once I swallowed the idea of being an ocean away from my family, friends, and job for a year, not to mention my last year of school.  Once I started seeing it as an opportunity instead of a hurdle, it began to look more exciting, and I was even looking forward to it… you know, a little bit. 😉

However, after further research, he nixed the idea due to the heaping amount it would add to his growing mountain of student debt.

Which brings me to avenue #2.  This one put a slightly larger knot in my stomach.  There is a certain store designer for a successful brand that actually graduated from Anthony’s school.  In fact, he found such immediate success, he didn’t even need to go back for his master’s, and he is sitting pretty on probably heaps of cash because of the opportunity that came his way.  Anyway, Anthony’s professor suggested applying to work with him.  Although seriously a long shot, anything is worth a try right?  But, this one has him in China for three years.  Three.  And here I was thinking one year was going to break me.  Three years, even farther away, with a language barrier.

While neither will probably ever happen, I still feel as though I should somewhat prepare for at least the possibility, since Anthony is very good at what he does, and, well, I’d hate to find out a mere couple of months before we’d need to leave that a move across the world is in order.  Know what I mean?


I’m trying to look at the positives here, and can’t help but feel a little bit selfish when my mind takes a wrong turn down negative lane.  On one hand it would be an amazing experience that even I would be stupid to turn down, just as a co-pilot.  It would also make for some pretty amazing photography that I would never get the change to capture otherwise (because, let’s face it… me?  Flying across the globe just because? Ha. I wish.)  And finally, well, I think it would be a great bonding experience, knowing only each other, not only in a new town, but a new country with a culture practically opposite from the one we are used to.  I think it would be really difficult at first, but ultimately, at least in hindsight, I would be grateful both for the experience, and the income that it would produce for our future.

I’m consciously trying to ignore the “what if’s” in relation to missing my family, something bad happening and me being countries away, three years flying by with us kind of in a “life limbo” not really moving forward or backward (as far as marriage, kids, sedan vs. SUV, etc.) because our “real lives” are back here in the states…  You know, that stuff.

Ultimately, I like to think I will make the right choice, the selfless choice, and go with him.  I wouldn’t want to spend so much time away from him (heck, his two weeks in Istanbul had me in withdrawal), and I think it would be a good thing in pretty much every respect, overall.  But, nonetheless, I’m in a bit of a pickle.  It’s over a year away (if it’s even in our future at all), but I just like to think ahead when I can.

Yeesh!  Super long and kind of serious… hit twice!  Sorry guys! 🙂

2 thoughts on “when opportunity knocks

  1. If you move to China I’m coming to visit. 😉

    That would be an AMAZING experience and would be a great opportunity for you as a photographer. The apprehension that you’re feeling is completely natural and if it happens it won’t always be easy, but what a great opportunity if it works out! I’m so jealous!


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