photographic state of mind

I love photography.

Insert an extra large “duh!” here.

I’ve been a bit of a photography fanatic officially since my 16th birthday when my parents gave my first Canon, but unofficially, pretty much since I was in the early years of grade school.  Where I was often found wasting shooting out polaroids with my mom’s old camera when I was about six or seven.

Aside from music, photography has been my oldest love and greatest passion.  And you know what?  Even music can’t really hold a candle to it — as much as music fuels my everyday.

This sounds odd, but I see life as if through a camera lens.

I see it in photographic possibilities.

While I’m walking, working, driving– you name it, my eyes see life how it is, but my mind sees it how it could look, in perfect little photos on life’s beautifully crafted mantlepiece (over a roaring fire, perhaps).



And oh, how I wish I had my camera on me constantly.  I wish every blink was another photo.  Another capture of life’s little beauties.  The little moments that might otherwise whiz right on by.



IMG_1417Life is gorgeous.  And I feel so blessed to be living in a time where its beauty can be captured in near-exact images, all at the touch of a button.

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