high five on friday

Linking up with Lauren @ Lauren Elizabeth.

Gotta love some good weekly high points!

1. Weekend Plans… were canceled.  Boston was supposed to be the destination of the weekend (and my Saturday off) for Anthony’s mom’s birthday.  Last minute, however, his parents decided the tourist traffic might be too much of a hassle, and to save the trek for a weekday.  Initially,  I was kinda-sorta hardcore bummed, because not only do I love hanging out with his family, Boston would have provided an awesome photo-op!  Anywho, with Boston out of the picture, the weekend plans were rerouted to Anthony’s beach house and boat that was recently put in the water (better late than never! Especially when at a discounted rate! ;)).  I finagled my way into getting Sunday off, and BAM, free, sun-filled, fun-filled beach weekend.  Extra special for me, because it’s more than likely one of the last full weekends of the summer that yours truly is going to get before diving back into classes and homework.

2. Photography Opportunity… First one ever!  A friend of mine at work approached me the other day and asked if I would shoot her sister’s senior photos.  GAH.  Be still my heart!  Never did I think I would get a real live inquiry.  Don’t get me wrong, I love photography more than coffee (gasp), but my confidence level?  Well, let’s just say, guessing that it’s at a zero would be generous.  So hopefully this comes to fruition and it can be just the dose of confidence the doctor ordered.

3. Cooler evenings… This summer has been a full-blown scorcher from I’d say end-of-June on.  We’re not talking hot days that lead to pool time and beach laying…  I mean heat that has you miserable and desperate for a pool to dive into, just to regulate your body temperature.  I’m sure up in the 100s isn’t anything to write home about to some parts of the US, but here in New England?  We’re not used to this!  It’s been nice to see it cooling down significantly in the evenings.  My favorite summer evening weather is when it’s cool enough to wear a sweatshirt, but warm enough to still sport shorts and flip flops… I’m finally gettin’ me some of that this past week!  Keep it coming– it makes me long for Fall even more! 🙂

4. More work hours… While I don’t always love having to go to work– especially on the beautiful summer weekends lately, it has been nice to see my paycheck creeping back up to where it used to be.  I love saving money, and watching my account start to grow again makes me all giddy inside.  In a “financial security!” way, not a “muah-ha-ha I love money!!!!” way… 😉

5.  August… August only means one thing…… well, besides it being the Sunday of summer and the last four weeks to squeeze all summer fun in before school starts.  But it also means that Fall is just a moment away.  I love Fall and everything about it.  Septemer–December is my “high on life” time of the year with cooler weather, hot drinks at Starbucks, foliage, and of course, holiday time.

What are your high points this week?  High five!

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