summer lovin’

IMG_2276It seems like summer barely begins, and before we know it, it’s August, and we are ferociously trying to squeeze as much sun & fun into the remaining days of the season.  Before we know it, it will be September, with Autumn just around the corner.

IMG_2289I love Autumn.  It’s by far my favorite season, and delivers us right to my favorite time of year: the holidays.  But there is something special about the sweet summer months.  Something that, while I can’t call it my absolute favorite season, sets it apart from the rest, even aforementioned Autumn.

IMG_2325A carefree sense that, whether you are in school or out, you can enjoy, if only just on the weekends.  Not to say that I am not a little bit jealous of Anthony’s brother and sister who are younger and still in the midst of enjoying full summers off… 😉

IMG_2307I have been super blessed this summer.  Never in my life have I had the opportunity to “weekend” at the beach.  Sure, growing up we had the house at the Cape, where we would spend an extended amount of time during a special chunk of summer.  Florida trips to Disney other years.  Pennsylvania once.  The annual vacation.  It was once a year, long-awaited, and much enjoyed when it finally arrived.

IMG_2375This year however, I have had the rare opportunity– the treat to be able to spend the majority of my summer weekends down by the shore with Anthony’s family, whom I love second only to my own.

IMG_2382While I am head-over-heels in love with getting off of work, packing up the car & canine, and heading down the beach, this has also made me want to dive back into working when this fun-filled season comes to a somber close.  It serves as a lovely motivation to work and save.  Work and save.  Work and save.  So that my kids may have the same opportunity and summers that I have experienced this year.  Summers that are so full of fun memories, that each summer feels like the longest, best summer of their lives.

IMG_2388Because it’s really over in an instant.  Time moves so quickly these days, I am loving the here and now, and creating such fond memories that I will hold onto forever.  Life is good.  No, it’s great.

Even if sometimes my Twitter feed doesn’t reflect that when I’m stuck at work on a sunny day. 😉

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