It’s official!  I have my very own, custom-made (by Anthony ;)) watermark for my photos.

I figured, if I wanted to get serious, I had to look serious, and I always feel a custom watermark looks better on photos than the Lightroom-provided, low-opacity, plain ol’ line of boring text across the images you care so much about.  Personal work needs personal watermarking… yes?


As for a brief explanation behind the logo?  Well, I guess there’s not much to it.  I love turtles, and my first/middle names are Samantha Lauren.  How’s that for brief? 😉


While it is still a work in progress, I think, I like it.  Anthony created the turtle himself, which makes it even better, plus, it is completely and totally utterly adorable.  I’m still keeping an eye on it, as I don’t want the turtle to be too big, or overpower the logo or anything.  I’m also in that self-conscious phase where I am sitting there wondering if people might take me less seriously because there is a symbol that could potentially be viewed as “childish”.

Or maybe that’s just my incredible lack of confidence in general… who knows. I don’t.  That’s a work in progress, too. 😉


Along with my fancy-shmancy new watermark, I’m working on a new Facebook page I created for my wannabe business, as well.

Things are getting serious, folks.

Or… I hope they are!

I’m still a tad bit nervous about debuting these things to friends and loved ones that I want to still love me after leaving me in charge of documenting a life event…. (no pressure!) but I’m hoping to fine-tune the loose ends and stop being such a baby about what I do.

I’m not a very private person, but for some reason, when it comes to either my writing, or photography, or playing the piano… basically anything that comes from within myself, I shrivel up back into my shell like a scared turtle (hmm.. maybe that’s why I love them– we have a lot in common. :p).  I guess you could say my hardcore self-criticism and self-consciousness controls my creative flows and how public I am about those things.  Eek.

Is (or was?) anyone else the same way?  How did you get past your fears of not being taken seriously?  Not having enough confidence to take control of being responsible for photographing an important moment and completely owning it?  Not looking like an amateur?  What helped you get over these things?  Is it a “take the plunge” sort of situation?  I’m trying to get ready for the leap.

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