a bittersweet ending

Seeing as how a little over two weeks have flown by, I think it’s high time I posted some pictures of what I consider to be the the last day of summer.  For me at least.

We spent the beautiful afternoon on Anthony’s boat with his aunt and her kids.  Not only was the ride relaxing and fun, but it provided for the perfect photo op…. and we know I love those.









I always know an experience has been satisfying when I get home and am not itching to go back.  It was fun, and I enjoyed every minute of it, but in a very satisfying way, it was just enough.  Just right.  There were a couple opportunities to pop back down there for a quick, last-minute over nighter before school kicked into full gear, but I have to admit, I wasn’t dying to squeeze every last drop out of the summer days.  This last day on the boat, the last noisy, bustling dinner with everyone, last sunset by the ocean?  It was just enough perfection for me to be able to seal the Summer 2013 box, and put it up on the shelf, if that makes any sense. I have such fond memories of this summer, and I look forward to next year when maybe we can do it all again.

But until then, I’m excited for what Fall has to bring, and after that?  My favorite time of year — Halloween through New Years.  The warm and fuzzy time of year.  In a way, it’s warmer than summer.  And is special in a different way.

I am so grateful for the summer I had this year, and feel truly blessed, and satisfied with every last ounce of it, like a perfectly balanced meal.

I’m ready for ya, Fall 2013!

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