merry christmas


Better late than never, right?

Man, blogging is so far on the back burner right now, it’s not even funny.  I remember when I used to blog every day.  Now I’m lucky if I get on here once a month.  Sheesh.  That needs to change.  New Years?


Anyway, here, at 1:21 AM with my 6% battery quickly before I head to bed and get up early for some more holiday fun with Anthony’s family, I wanted to stop in and wish everyone a belated Merry Christmas!  I hope all of your days were full of family, fun, food, and faith, for those who celebrate.


It was especially hard this year, I found, to keep the reason for the season in mind.  I don’t know why.  Christmas just seemed so grossly commercial this year.  More so than others.  It was definitely a struggle, but Christmas Eve spent with Anthony’s family, and Christmas Day spent with my mom’s side definitely helped reign in the holiday, and the very reason we celebrate.


Hoping yours was merry as well!  I’ll pop back in soon for a real update sometime before the year ends… 😉


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