Happy New Year!

Hi friends!  I hope you all had a spectacular 2013!  Overall, I don’t think I’ve had too many complaints.  While it wasn’t a perfect year, as my friend and I had been discussing a couple days ago, the positives outweigh the negatives, and that’s all we can ask for, right?  Right!

As for this up and coming 2014?  I have no idea what challenges lie ahead, but you could say I’m ready to take them on!  My boss has, for lack of better phrasing, helped to bring out the “inner honey badger” in me, and one could argue that I’ve found a little more confidence within myself.  And I couldn’t be more grateful for that.  I think I’m ready for this sure to be crazy, wonderful, challenging, exciting 2014!

I have found a new drive in life, a new passion for what I do, and for life itself, and well, things are just pretty good right now.  Knock on wood.  Perfect, by no means.  But even with all of life’s mini challenges along the way, I can say with confidence that I think I am in a great place right now.  A great place with Anthony, my “just shy of perfect” guy (to me, at least!), a great place with my job, and while this isn’t like me, to relax completely, to not wait for the other shoe to drop, I think I’m ready to sit back and let the current take me wherever it’s meant to take me.  Just float.


photo 1 photo 2

Happy New Year!

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