time lapse photos

What does everything think of time lapse photos?

I’m kind of cheesy in that I like little “traditions”… Anthony and I have been together going on three years now, and we never had anything that we did each year of our relationship that we could turn into a tradition (except maybe going to the casino on Valentine’s day.. but lets face it.. we go there all the time anyway, so it’s hardly a special tradition, ha). Or, at least, I didn’t think we did. Until I was going through my photos a few months ago, and realized that the two past summers (2012 and 2013) we had been together, we took a photo in this one spot in Mystic, Connecticut.

Summer 2012, we were down at the beach for the day, and since it was a little cloudy and chillier, we decided to hop a couple towns over to the little Connecticut coastal nook, Mystic.  After walking around a bit we found a scenic spot (if I’m being honest, Mystic is made of scenic spots), set the self timer, and ran over to take a quick picture.


Summer 2013 we were there with my cousin after getting bored at Anthony’s beach house.  We hopped in the car, went to Mystic, walked around a bit, and then ended up in the same spot where photo number one was taken.  We set it up a little, and it was a little higher because we had someone else taking the picture and didn’t have to rest it on some random post, ha.  Not exactly the same, but more or less the same idea.  That’s good enough, right?



I guess at the time it didn’t seem like something we should do every year, but when I noticed we had two in a row, I figured we should at least try to get the same one every year!

This year’s is a little different because I had a different lens on my camera (it was kind of an accident that we were in Mystic that day) so the photo is a little closer.  Once again, not exactly the same but, hey, why not a little variety?


We haven’t changed that much over the last three years… my hair mostly.  A little longer, color changing with each summer… I’m hoping to keep this tradition going from now on!  It will be cool to look back later on and see how we changed from summer to summer.  And hey, maybe even the future kids can get in on the photo action someday.  Hehe.  We’ll see.  🙂

Do you have any cool photo traditions you keep up over the years?

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