the next step

Hey everyone!  Man, I remember the days when blogging was my number one priority.  Now it has definitely taken up residence on the back burner… in fact, it may have even fallen off the stove entirely… oops!  I don’t know if I have mentioned this on here yet, but Anthony recently got a job working for Kohler … in Wisconsin!  So things have been a bit busy, to say the least.

Long story short, I took an expedited trip through the five stages of grief (okay, not really… dramatic) and have finally arrived at “acceptance” here, a mere two months before I pack up my life and move it halfway across the country.

Along my travels through the stages of accepting this big, unexpected detour, Anthony and I took a trip to Wisconsin, and much to my surprise, I couldn’t have loved it more.  The town in which we will be living is straight out of a movie.  Perfect streets lined with perfect trees filled with perfect friendly people.  In fact, the whole four days we were there, I kept asking Anthony, “what is this place?” and “is this real life?”  I’m still a little bit in awe of just how picture perfect life is over in Wisconsin.  I’m convinced they staged it.  Hehe.  Anywho, while I’m 100% not okay with the distance between us and our families, I’m hoping the picturesque scenery will be enough to keep my chin up between visits back home (hopefully every three months or so, with people visiting us in between.. not so bad, right?).

Take a peek…

IMG_0505  IMG_0533

IMG_0602  IMG_0695

A very large part of me is still pretty stressed about how far we will be from familiar, and family, and pretty much just anything we are used to.  But I’m hoping once we are both out there it will be ok.  At this point it looks like a temporary thing, 2-3 years for now.  If you ask me, even though I was digging up a billion reasons not to go, I can’t lie — the timing?  Couldn’t be more perfect.  We don’t have kids, my job is as flexible and transferable as it gets (thanks, Starbucks!), and we would be stupid to pass this up.

In brief other news, my aunt’s son’s wife asked me to take their Christmas card photos this month!  I have been more seriously considering pursuing photography as a career (or side job, at the very least), but haven’t yet found the courage to pimp myself out, so to speak.  I love photography, but confidence was never my strong point, when it comes to what I feel I have to “offer” the world.  So, a big, giant, huge thank you to Jen for reaching out and helping me take that first step!  I’m really excited to get some nice shots and hopefully use them in a portfolio for future work.  Not to mention their kids are adorable and I would love to take their photos just because… 🙂

“Life”, despite being busy and a little stressful for my taste, ironically feels like it has slowed down enough to start to fall into place (if that makes sense?) and I can’t wait to see what’s next. 🙂


One thought on “the next step

  1. I hope you love Wisconsin! It’s the perfect state for a photographer because it’s so beautiful and picturesque. The last time I visited my hometown was during fall and I had no idea why my family moved because it was so gorgeous! 🙂


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