two weeks in…

Well, it has certainly been a while since I have updated. It has been quite the adjustment period, that’s for sure. New house, new job, new area, new timezone?? Ha. If I said I didn’t miss home anymore, I’d be lying, but I guess you could say I’ve come to terms with it enough to stay here.

I’m not loving my new store, but I guess that’s a bigger adjustment to make. Believe it or not.

In other news, wedding planning is in full, stressful swing! Church booked, venue sort of booked, Save the Dates ordered… next step? I don’t know. That’s for sure, haha.

Don’t want to post the Save the Dates themselves, but these are the pictures we used for them…





If they look like self-timer shots, it’s because they totally are, haha.  As a wannabe photographer, I figured the pictures could be halfway decent (new lens… mmm) but more than that, they would be free.  The only reason I would suggest going to a professional for “engagement” type photos would be the cheesy poses.  We attempted the “looking at each other” pose, but couldn’t hold it together due to the overwhelming cheese factor.  It ended up working out, because I am a big fan of candid, and I think the unplanned laughter photos came out better than the posed anyway.  But either way, I could instruct people to be cheesy until the cows come home.  I could pose cheesy with Anthony if instructed by a professional, because then it’s not me being cheesy… but it’s definitely awkward and even a little embarrassing to be standing on the beach of Lake Michigan running in heels from a self timer and then posing like overdress-for-the-beach balls of cheese.  But, it was fun, and I’m pretty satisfied with the photos… even more satisfied with the price. 😉  I’m excited for the Save the Dates to arrive so I can send them out!

That’s pretty much all that’s been happening here in Wisconsin for the last two weeks… adjustment stress, or wedding stress. Haha.. stress galore!  But it’s not so bad.  The positives are still outweighing the negatives. 🙂

Happy Monday!

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