of all the chores that I can no longer avoid…

I learned how to fold a fitted sheet today.

Via the internet.  Duh.  Where I learn literally everything nowadays.  However, this one I didn’t even have to YouTube.  It was just sitting there waiting for me on my Facebook newsfeed like a gift from the domestic goddesses of the world who bestow pity upon my incompetence.

Back pre-Wisconsin (boy, I sure do love talking about how I moved, don’t I?) when I was living in my parents’ house, there were oh so many things that I would just, well… never do.  For example laundry and making my bed in the morning.

In my defense, while I knew how to do laundry, it seemed silly to do my own when my mother would do a couple giant loads one day a week.  As far as bed making, well, that was pure laziness.  That, and I never saw the sense in making the bed I would later sleep in.

But, alas, here I am knee-deep in adulthood and trying to form better habits.  We do the laundry every Friday.  I even wash the bed sheets every two weeks, and now, thanks to my new hero, I can properly fold and put away the guest bed sheets after our somewhat-frequent Connecticut guests go home.

I wish I could say I just grew up and suddenly realized that a made bed, visually, is the difference between a clean room and a cluttered-looking one.  That laundry doesn’t actually take that long, and if you just do it, it will be done in no time.  But, I do have to give the bulk of the credit to moving into a new house, and starting with a blank slate of organized.

But I will still say that making the bed or folding the laundry are hands down, my own personal hell, week in and week out.

What’s your least favorite household chore?  Besides all of them.

And, just so I can pay it forward, here is this gem of an instructional video on just how to fold our fitted bed sheets.

Not all heroes wear capes.  And here is the proof. 😉

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