they can’t help it.

You know how men tend to think women are overly emotional,  we overreact,  the bad moods spring out of nowhere, etc?  And sure, 90% of the time, with 99.9% of women, it’s probably true?

Well, I also realized something this morning while sort of bickering with Anthony about what we were going to do today. And that is, men can’t admit to overreactions, getting butthurt over nothing, being more frustrated than the situations calls for, etc, because that’s ‘woman shit’.  And it totally is.  Don’t get me wrong.  But, I know men do it?  I am okay with men doing it, because I’ve been there.  Probably between 18-37 times per week since I learned how to swear.  All I want is for them to admit that they do it.  Or stop and say they are the ones that are in the pissy little mood for once.  When I’m in a mood, even when I don’t know why I’m in a mood, I know that I’m in one and I say that I’m in one.  I’m well aware that I’m being irrational.  It’s not going to change anything, but my point is I’m not swimming in a pool of denial either.

So I guess my short little point is, men can be as crabby as they want.  As long as they know that they are on the same level of emotional stability (or lack thereof) as us womenfolk.  And even if they don’t, this new bit of information has changed my perspective a little bit.  Even if it’s annoying at the time, we women can just let them be men, I guess, as we sit with the satisfaction of knowing that we are more tolerant than we get credit for. 😉

If that makes any sense.

There’s definitely a learning curve for this ‘life’ thing, isn’t there? Ha.

Happy Sunday, even though I’m supposedly “mad” right now. Hehe. 🙂


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