chicken soup for the complete & total amateur

As told by the queen of undomestic living, this fool, who sends snapchats such as this one while stranded at Walmart with a flat tire.

Look, the tire debacle was on the way to dinner at Chili’s. What’s a girl to do, really?

Anywho.. I was having a pretty productive, adult day off, if you ask me.  Doctor appointment in the morning, appointment at the bank right after to change my last name on my accounts, a new blog post on my website.  Oh, & some laundry & grocery shopping.  The usual tasks that prevent me from binge-watching The Walking Dead & eating for fun.

I decided to go a new route (soups!) & dust off the crockpot today, as Anthony is suffering from Man Flu, & I wanted to make him chicken soup that didn’t come from a crushed up packet of ramen.  After consulting my life coach Pinterest, I found what was promised to be The Best Crockpot Chicken Noodle Soup, & then headed off to the grocery store.  For the first time, I managed to get everything in one shot.  No second trips for this domestic goddess!

Once I got home I got to work.  Chopped some celery, looked up on Youtube how to wrangle garlic (I wish I were kidding. And without Youtube I absolutely would have done that wrong.), and then moved onto the tear-jerking onion.  Yet there was no onion.  That I know I put in the basket at the store.  That I know I rang up at the self checkout.  But this little onion was MIA.  After searching the car and the driveway (I had dropped a bag pulling them out of the car), I went back in pissed about the 76-cent loss and onion-less soup, but decided I knew better than the recipe and just left it alone.

A little while later while on the phone with my mom I decided to go out and look a little harder, thinking maybe the onion rolled down the driveway or even across the little access road behind our house.  I was determined.  No man left behind.  I know that onion left the store with me.

And there it was.  Basking in the Wisconsin afternoon sun.  My poor forgotten little driveway onion that I promptly scooped up & went inside to add to the soup two hours later.  Well, right after I took a picture of it.

It’s kind of cute, actually.

I’m sure it’s completely not kosher to add an ingredient to a crockpot soup two hours in but…

All in all the soup turned out alright.  (I can guarantee you I almost always do something wrong, & it’s not the recipe.)  I personally wish it had a tad more flavor (Anthony said it was good), but I’m also of the lazy belief that measuring things like salt and pepper is for wimps.  So… my bad. 😉

For reals though, try the recipe!  I assure you any functional adult will make it correctly and it will taste great.  Also it’s super easy and takes like five minutes… Big plus when the TV is calling!

Happy Friday from the wannabe soup nazi!

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