winter portraits!

Sharing my blog post from my photography website today!


Snow is just around the corner!  Who’s excited!?  Ha.  No one.  Except for me.  For literally one reason.

Winter pictures!

Throwing it back back this Friday to last November when Christmas came early, & a brand new 50mm lens was delivered to my house and I was eager to try it out.  Lucky for me, good old sister-in-law-to-be (at the time) Olivia was willing to go outside with me for a few snowy shots.


In my opinion, the only downside to senior photos is, seniors are unfortunately limited to the summer months and maybe the early fall depending on the school’s deadline for their photos to be submitted.  Fall photos are always awesome.  The colors, the temperatures allow for great outfits, and it’s just an exciting time of year.  However, seniors often miss out on the opportunity for snowy, cozy, wintery photos, either because their photo deadlines are early in the school year, or they are still  juniors during the year their senior school year starts.  So the only way to get nice, wintery senior photos would to be to have them done while they are still juniors.


I used to be all caught up in the “authenticity” of senior photos.  I used to think hey should be taken during the actual senior school year or even the summer before senior year still feels like I’m a junior… silly things like that.  But now in my “old age” (for reals, it starts at 26, kids :)), I don’t care so much about that anymore.

Because of that, I’m thinking of adding a new kind of senior portrait session option.  One that spans over the whole year.  Not only does it give the student more of a variety of photos to choose from, but it also sort of documents the transformation from junior to senior.  If nothing else, I hope it at least invites high school juniors to entertain the idea of getting some senior shots in during the winter of their junior year.

Gotta love the snowy shots!


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