pinterest is bad for me.

I have a new, three-day-old obsession with gallery wall-ing the shit out of my house.

Well, displaying photos in clusters.  Maybe “gallery walls everywhere!1!!!!!11” paints the wrong picture.  I do want one gallery wall over my couch in my living room.  And then another in my soon to be updated room that I’m temporarily calling my “home office that I don’t need because I do all work in front of the television b/c ‘Merica.”  Then for the other two smaller walls next on my hit list, I just plan for some small photo clusters.  Because I am obsessed with photography.  Which is so conveniently in tune with my ongoing project of building my own photography business.  So this is necessary for work Anthony.  Duh. 😉

Current wall. I know what you’re thinking: “But, why would you want to replace those same three terrible, self-timer, save the date shots that have been up since February that make it look like a minimally staged home for sale?!”  (And don’t worry, we will be painting the walls to make them a little less “cardboard box.”)

Pinterest is a neat little device.  It’s this magical website that functions somewhat similar to Google, but while it conducts its search, it hypnotizes users, making all females feel equally capable in fashion, decor, cooking, etc.  Deep down, I know “Pinterest girls” are a select few, but being an optimist, naturally I stomp that mentality to the very back of my mind, and decide that all projects can totally be done in one day without much thought or planning.  “Buy first, think later.”  That seems to be my motto these days.  Which offers a much-coveted explanation for why my credit card bill is so high month after month.  Also Target.

Anywho, I ordered the prints last night, and soon I’ll be off to the store to pick up some frames.

My current hurdle is this:  I don’t have kids yet, so until I can go crazy and shower my entire house with unnecessary photos of them, I just have Anthony and myself.  And our dog who will not be taking up very much space on my Pinterest walls. (She’s more of a Snapchat subject.)

I’m not opposed to a wall of us.  However it feels like a little much, you know?  “Welcome to our home, please stare at at least a dozen photos of us on this one wall here while I make coffee over by this other photo of us”  is not exactly what I’m going for.  Don’t get me wrong, inside, I love photos of Anthony and me.  I feel bad asking him to take selfies with me as much as I do.  But I’m also not that girl who barfs it all over her home and walls, you know?  While it’s personally something I love, I don’t expect everyone else to have to look at it.  Even in my own house, it just feels a little over the top for my taste, and I think has the wrong “feel” to it, for what I’m going for.

So at this point, either I have to swallow that issue, and just deal with the fact that we are currently a family of two plus gold retriever, and that’s what should be up on the walls in our house.  Or be weird and have photos of our respective families, which makes it feel a little less “our home” and a little more “parents living room” .. if that makes sense.

Ah well.  I suppose I’ll mull it over in the aisles of Target while I shop for picture frames and no doubt come out with everything but.

Has anyone else had this issue?  How did you remedy it?  Did you just use photos of you and your spouse (and canine)?

Happy Monday! (Said no one ever!)

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