four years & counting.

Happy four year anniversary to my now-husband Anthony​!  It feels like only yesterday that I had such a giant crush on my cousin’s friend, that I was taking a cold shower one night during the infamous October storm so that I wouldn’t look completely disgusting when I went over to your house to play scrabble, even if the whole county was pitch black.  And I can’t believe it has only been four years since my incessant desire for an unusual amount of bonfires in the hopes that you would be attending, the texting back and forth until 5am, and the whole telling you that you were my “super best friend” a mere few weeks after we starting talking, foolishly hoping that that would somehow translate to “I want to marry you someday”.  These have really been the best four years of my life so far, and I am so beyond blessed to have such a kind, giving, considerate, intelligent, hard-working man as my “forever person”.  Thanks for letting me be crabby and cranky, even when I know I’m wrong and don’t admit it until later on, and thank you for being patient with my annoying need for selfies of us, my inability to be organized in any way except for how I eat my food, and my being all too willing to use a fork to make my peanut butter & jelly sandwich because all the knives are dirty.  Thank you for making me excited for the future, and for always being a good sport about the “dinners” I cook, and the aroma of burnt food poorly masked by multiple scented candles when you come home at night.  Work in progress!  Hehe.  I love you!



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