weekend wins..

Happy Monday, said no one ever!  I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend.  Some of us “winterier” than others, what with the winter storm that swept through the midwest Friday into Saturday.

After receiving a couple concerned warnings from the weather channel about the incoming blizzard, the storm finally hit, leaving us with a nice, dangerous single inch of snow. 😉  But hey, I won’t complain.  I’m all for easing my way into winter.  So I’ll certainly take that as a win.  I left my shovel in Connecticut anyway.

It did however remind us that it may be time to retire the poor little punkies on our doorstep.  The snow coverage doesn’t exactly scream “autumn!”  Which is why…


… We set up our Christmas tree this weekend!  I know, I know.  Normally, I am not an advocate for any type of Christmas decorating before Turkey Day.  However, now that we are out in the frozen tundra of Wisconsin, we will be heading back to the homeland for holidays, and actually probably taking our tree down before going back for Christmas, so we don’t have to do it when we get back after the new year.  So it’s only fair that we set it up a week early… right?


Strangely enough, it’s actually making me more excited for Thanksgiving.  But then again, if you ask me, any day that is centered around gorging yourself with turkey and cranberry sauce is a day worth getting irrationally excited about.  Am I right or am I right?!

This weekend also marked the one-year anniversary of Anthony’s sneaky little proposal.  So naturally, we had to take a picture.


If we look mildly distressed or perhaps insane, it’s because this “selfie break” was smack in the middle of an internal & external weighing of the pros and cons of dropping a very real $981 on an amazing table for our home office.  That’s also why I look like a troll.

In the end we went with sanity and decided to save the $981.  In my crazy head that is somehow synonymous with making $981, and thus resulted in some unnecessary Target purchases.  But let’s be real.  That would have happened no matter what the dramatic table conclusion.

How was your weekend?

Update: I have vowed to find the table online for cheaper.  Because I can’t let go.

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