take the plunge.

I hope everyone who celebrates had a fantastic Easter weekend!

As for us, we hopped over to Connecticut.  Or should I say hopped back.  We drove there, and then flew home to Wisconsin.

I can never adequately put into words how awesome it feels to see family and friends after being away for months at a time.  Especially my mom whom I sometimes miss more than I’m willing to admit, even at almost-27, and my little nugget of a niece who seems to age ten years every time I see her.



I have a post coming up soon about why I, Miss “I will never move away,” have had complete change of heart after finding part of it in Wisconsin.  I read an article by Elite Daily recently, and it inspired me to give my own input on that topic, because maybe it can help someone else who is in the same position I was a year and a half ago.  Faced with the decision to either a. follow my then-fiance into this mysterious unknown that was 1000 miles from everything I knew, or b. to sit home in Connecticut where it was “safe”  & “familiar” and “easy.”

I have to run to a Motives event we are hosting this evening (aka hang out at a wine bar and call it “work.” Yes, this is my life now 💁.) but in a nutshell..  Do it, guys.  Do it.  Because if I didn’t, well, for starters, I wouldn’t be able to call hanging out in a wine bar “work.”  And what more do you need, really?  Ha!

I’ll go more in depth soon.  But take the plunge!  Take all of the plunges!


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