finally a sale I can get behind

I have never been a couponer, nor a bargain hunter, nor big on any kind of savings that I had to go out of my way to get.  As in, Kohl’s cash, and their 15%, 20%, & 30% off coupons they basically shoved down my throat in the mail each week were about as far as I was willing to go.  I was a lazy shopper, if you will.  In fact, I still kind of am.  But ever since discovering, and how you get cash back just by shopping through their site at your normal stores, a little flame has been lit under my ass to get a bit more crafty behind my computer screen.

Meet Shop Buddy

For starters, get a account.  It’s free, and easier than sending store bought cookies to your kid’s bake sale.  I’d personally recommend downloading the Shop Buddy app for your computer (or phone, but I’ve never used that one).  Either way, it’s a free app that stops you before purchasing something online, and reminds you to either log into your account, or tells you that it found the item at a cheaper price somewhere else.  I didn’t know you could download apps to computers (I’m officially of the age where technology is hard), but apparently that’s a thing now!  And you should!  Especially if you have a special interest in money, and/or having someone else do work for you, like I do. 🤑💁

So basically, now whenever I shop online, I check first to see if the store I’m looking for is a partner store (most are).  For example, today I got an April Fool’s email from Kohl’s saying “Happy Birthday!” including a 15% off coupon.  Because I was half asleep & also am dumb, I read it and thought, “it’s not my birthday, but I’ll take it!”  Later, when I was more awake, I still fell for it, but read further to see that the sentiment was just an April Fool’s prank, however the coupon was legit.  Score!  Because we are going to Florida in July during my actual birthday, and it has become my life’s mission to be able to see the abs that I know are drowning beneath my gut made of Starbucks pastries and alcohol.  So obviously I need more workout pants, that I will only buy from Kohl’s, and only when they are on sale.  Which is never.  So thank you, coupon.

So, I will be taking my fake birthday coupon and going to > for +2% cash back.

The grand total ended up $32.90. So, I’m going to > for 2% cash back for a $32.99 Kohl’s e-gift card that is selling for $29.30.  << This is the only amount I will actually be spending. >>

Once the e-gift card is sent to my email, I’ll go back to the > checkout, put in my gift card info, and, voila!  I will be wearing those workout pants by next Wednesday.  (So I will magically be skinny by Thursday, right?)

Don’t worry, it’s a lot of numbers, so I will break it down below:

The pants go for $44.  My Kohl’s total with a mystical, never happens sale was $36.80.  Throw in my fake birthday coupon, and it drops to $32.90

I spent $29.30 for a $32.99 Kohl’s gift card to pay for a $32.90 online purchase.

  • Instant savings of $3.69 from discounted gift card,
  • I will be receiving .60 cents cash back for the gift card purchase.
  • I will be receiving .67 cents cash back for the order
  • I will not be driving on fumes to Kohl’s tonight only to find they don’t have my size.
  • $44 pants, that became $32.90.  With gift card & cash back amounts that magically becomes $28.03, which is over $4 addition savings/earnings, and avoiding the hassle of dragging my ass to Kohl’s and waiting in line on a Friday night.  And that shit is long on a Monday morning, even.  So, yeah right, Friday.
  • Not to mention you also have the amazing option in most areas except mine apparently to buy online and pickup in store, saving the $8.95 shipping fee because they don’t steal enough from you by charging $44 for a pair of pants. 😬  (Do I sound bitter?)

At the end of the day, no, $4 isn’t exactly a retirement fund.  But trust me when I say that cash back adds up fast.  In a matter days, my own cash back went from $11 to $21 and I didn’t even realize it.  It’s always a nice surprise having more of something than you thought.  Especially when it’s money.  Hehe.

Believe it or not, the original intention of this post was to let everyone know that Shutterfly is offering 50%, 40% or 30% off all orders depending on how much you spend now thru Sunday.  I’m not sure how I ended up mapping the entirety of my Kohl’s shopping instead but, either or, I guess!  Shutterfly also happens to be a partner store so, get that 50, 40, or 30 thru Shop and get some cash back too!  If you need me I’ll be dumping photos and money into my niece’s birthday gift photo book.

But for reals.  I will literally do it for you, if it’s confusing.  It was to me at first.  But now I enjoy the challenge like any other cheap person. 😉  Hehe.  Happy Friday!

xoxo. 💕


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