how to host the best girls night out. AKA be the coolest one in your squad.

Last Wednesday night I had to work.  At a wine bar.  While drinking champagne, dancing to a killer playlist.  Rough life, eh?

You know how every single day I find a way to repeat the fact that I’m so glad I moved to middle of nowhere, Wisconsin, USA?  Well here is another one of those reasons why.  Because I got to go to a wine bar, drink champagne, dance to a killer playlist, and call it work.  I’ve always dreamt of a world where my booze is a tax write-off. 😍

A couple months ago I met up with a few fabulous ladies at a coffeeshop that I don’t work at, and we planned basically the coolest thing I’ve ever been a part of if we aren’t counting the barhop I participated in this past Saturday night.  Behold, Glam Lab.

Retired salon owner, licensed makeup artist, frontrunner of this whole event & professional badass, Leigh, working her magic on our first guest!

Yes, that is her real hair.
Yes, I did in fact promptly order the beauty blend she takes for myself & wished upon a star that my hair would magically look like her’s.

It is essentially a girls night out, on crack.  You have the wine & the music, but add a makeover by professional makeup artists, complete with face, eye, & lip stations, “beauty shooters” (essentially a liquid & delicious form of the Skin, Hair, and Nails vitamin), and a free glamor shot head shot at the very end.

Lip station! My favorite station, as I have been dying to “try before I buy,” and I immediately fell in love with “Miami Heat” … super natural with just the right pop! 💋

Initially we were a little bit worried that no one would show up, but it ended up being a huge success! Not only did we end up packing the room to about 40 people, they were loving it, and we loved that!  Needless to say, it was the first of many.

If anyone sells (or is interested in selling) Motives Cosmetics, I would highly, highly recommend hosting your own glam lab. Seriously.  And in hindsight, it couldn’t have been simpler.

1. Gather up your lady friends and find the nearest wine bar or coffeeshop with a room you can use or rent!  Our amazing guests ate it right up, and it was the most fun “girls night” I have ever had.  I’m not sure how many times that night I said “I’m so glad I’m a girl.”  Ha!  To think I used to be a tomboy.

My friend Brittany at the eye station getting all glammed up for her headshot.

2. Come up with 2-4 stations. Ours totaled at six, including the head shot at the end. They were:
+ beauty shooters. Single doses of Isotonix Beauty Blend for people to try.
+ skincare lowdown. Just a quick rundown of other skin products MA has to offer.
+ foundation station. Get your face put on by a licensed makeup artist, bonus points if your makeup artist is also custom blend certified!
+ eye envy.  Makeup artist to do everyone’s eye makeup
+ lip lovin’.  Dozens of Motives lip shines & lipsticks for each guest to choose from to try
+ glam shots.  A professional headshot at the end of the night. It’s especially awesome if you’ve just purchased new flash equipment & you’re itching to take it for a spin. 🙋🏻

Oh hey, random flawless human who missed her calling as a model. 😍

3. Get the word out!  I believe we started a Facebook event right then and there while we were planning it (a little over a month in advance), and started inviting people!  We also had an EventBrite event where people could purchase tickets ($10/ticket online, $15 at the door), and informational post cards that we handed out in person to people who may have been interested.

The coolest person I know, Laura, who rocked the Beauty Blend beauty shooters station like a pro.

4. Use the admission money to fill a raffle gift basket with oodles of other products for the winner to try!  The products you choose are up to you, but ours totaled at about $75 worth, and included Royal Spa, Fixx, Motives, Isotonix, and I believe Lumiere de vie!

The lovely ladies of the skin care table!

5. Have a drink or two and have fun!  Because it’s going to be awesome!

xoxo 💕 


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