on the lighter side.

While we did go down to Florida for a funeral, since it was a weekend spent with Anthony’s siblings & parents, obviously there was still fun to be had.

Anthony had two free nights worth of points at La Quinta, so we decided right away to stay in a hotel rather than stuff two more people into his grandma’s house, that was already sleeping six as it was.  Two of his brothers decided to join us, so we were looking at a couple of fun evenings.  As it turns out, not so surprisingly, the only La Quinta locations that accept the free nights are the semi run down hotels, more closely resembling motels, in the less than desirable areas.  Which is why wrapping up these cookies and getting the hell out of dodge was pretty much a no brainer. 😉  After all, we would probably have similar luck if we used them for a weekend away, so it wasn’t a huge loss.  While I love free things, I equally as much do not love being afraid to shower.  I probably got a staph infection just trying to shave my legs that day as it was.  Just kidding.  I hope.

Preparing for lift off.. excuse the haggard mess that is travel-weary me.


After the funeral, we were on our way back to the new hotel to change.  All Anthony’s brother had to say was “oh look, a Starbucks” before Anthony had put his signal on and flew into the parking lot.  Yeah.  I was thinking it too– I truly did pick a winner. 😍

We sat outside the Starbucks for a while just chatting, and I have to say, this was my favorite part of the trip.  It the first and only real time we got to take a few minutes and slow down, as the past two days had been go go go from the moment we landed in Tampa.  But it was also really nice to be able to sit outside in 80-degree weather and just enjoy it.  The breeze was warm, people were driving with their convertible tops down, everyone was dressed for summer, and there were green leaves on all of the trees.  Very unlike the picture we had left in Wisconsin.  Some days barely climbing above 40 degrees in mid April.  Someday it will be spring, right?

After stopping at the hotel to regroup and take a quick pseudo nap, we found out his parents and other three siblings were headed to the beach where we had stayed four years ago, and we decided to join them for a bit before going off to dinner at his aunt & uncle’s.  Again it was so awesome to spend time in warm weather, on a beach, and just plain hanging out with people we hadn’t seen in over a month.


Not to mention, there was a woman sitting out on the sand with her two pet iguanas, that acted like puppies or cats.  I had no idea they were such interactive pets!



From there we went to dinner, then back to the hotel, into bed, and up at 4am to catch our 7:30am flight back to the dairyland.

Once again, even though it was for a sad occasion, it felt great to see everyone and get an impromptu chance to visit the people we never see anymore.  Not to mention it was an awesome little teaser for our trip in July. 😊

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