eight months later..

Over the weekend I finally sat down and pumped out two photo books filled with photos from our wedding for our respective moms for Mother’s Day (this coming weekend, folks!).  We knew they were wanting albums anyway, so Mommy day seemed like the perfect excuse.  Especially since we, sadly, will be out in Wisconsin that weekend all mom-less.

Also, I am obsessed with physical photos, so really, any excuse to jump online and make a photo book is good enough for me.

💸 Not to mention when I use Shutterfly through my shop.com website I not only get the 2% cash back, but commission off of my own purchase on my site in addition.  Shopping is lovely.  Shopping from yourself is even lovelier. 💸

I have to say, photos are some powerful shit.  Not only was it like I got to relive the day over and over again, but lately I had been worrying that eventually I would start to forget some details.  Well, believe you me, those details came flooding back as I looked at the photos.  In fact, the memories were so vivid, I would leave the computer feeling as though I had just seen & visited everyone in Connecticut.  Which is a welcomed feeling out here in the Dairyland.  Needless to say, once I finish our own wedding album, I’ll be flipping through that baby anytime I am missing home or family or, well, my mom.

After finishing up the mom books, I finally got started on our album.  Only 3/4 of a year later, no big deal.  I’m not sure what I was waiting for.  Initially it felt like a steep undertaking; I am nothing if not completely and totally OCD in relation to photography, and needing things to be laid out just as they unfolded in real life.  But, it was easier than I thought to make the images flow.  Not so easy to make them flow in the 20 pages Shutterfly gives you to start with.  So imagine my relief when I saw that you can add up to 90 pages… Muahaha.  Kidding.

Lucky for the moms, I managed to keep theirs to the 20.  And I doubt many people besides myself will be really thumbing through our wedding album, so hopefully no one will mind that it’s pushing 50 pages at this point.  Oops. 😬

While I was gleefully reliving our wedding day 47 times over the past three days, it occurred to me that I never ended up sharing the day and the days leading up on the ol’ blog here.  So in the upcoming days I’m thinking of sharing wedding week, if anyone is interested!  Do you have posts from your weddings on your blogs?  If so, please share!  I love weddings!

Stay tuned.

Anthony & Samantha-501
Photo credit – Jason Corey Photography



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