my mom & my “why”

When I started my business, I was skeptical.  I’m not one to have a lot of confidence in myself, nor am I very good at displaying the faith that I have in things.  I have faith- a lot of it, actually. But I paint over it with several coats of skepticism, almost as if so that, if something does go poorly, I can maintain that “I knew it” would all along.

So I would go to business presentations. Six times, actually.  Every single time, I would leave knowing in my heart and in my head that this was the thing that would rip me miles outside of my comfort zone.  And believe it or not, that motivated me.  Which… if you know me, that’s not a thing.  Comfort zone is good zone.  But I left every presentation wanting to do it.  Wanting to try something different, because up until this point, nothing conventional worked for me.  College didn’t work, career schools didn’t work.  And that’s because conventional itself doesn’t necessarily exist in the same way that it used to.  A college degree doesn’t guarantee you anything anymore except maybe some debt.  The world is changing.  The way people do business is changing.  So maybe I had to, too.  Starbucks wasn’t cutting it anymore, and everyone knew I was at my wit’s end with that job.  If I wanted something to change, I had to change it.  And I was changing.  I just didn’t realize it yet.

That was my thought process when I finally stepped off the diving board and took a bigger plunge than I’d ever been willing to before.

However, my “why?”  That is a different story.  Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 9.36.26 AM


Obviously every person on the planet except maybe a Kardashian or two could pick at least one thing off this list.  Duh.

But for me personally, while they all blend together, the two that stood out to me were additional income, and time freedom.  Because over a year ago I moved to Wisconsin & have been very successfully “missing out” on everything in Connecticut ever since.  To me, time freedom actually means more Connecticut.   Additional income means the means to get there.  And, especially in honor of Mother’s Day this weekend, it also makes me think of my mom.

She is in her sixties.  She has worked since she was 18.  After she was a claims specialist at an insurance company for years, she worked as “mommy” to my brother and I from 1989 to present.  I love both of my parents, obviously.  But most of any positive qualities I may have, I got in utero.

Anthony & Samantha-152
Photo credit: Jason Corey Photography

It’s not something I’m proud of admitting, but my dad is an alcoholic.  He retired at age 50, and his retirement hobby was drinking.  When I was in high school an investment went sour, and it was my mom that went back to work to help make a few ends meet.  She had been out of the work force for 15 years, and there she was, stuck with no real options, except to take a job in an elementary school cafeteria.  Where she still works over ten years later, getting up at 4am, and working the first two hours unpaid every day so that she can get everything done.  It’s a thankless job, especially in Connecticut where teachers make a lot more than they claim to, and treat back of house employees like servants.

I’m building this business for a lot of people.  For myself.  For Anthony.  For our family to be.  For anyone who can use an opportunity like this one for a few extra bucks, or to retire early.  For anyone who also feels like college wasn’t for them.  I promise to be another success story they need when they are questioning if they can own their own business.  But mostly, I’m doing this for my mom.  Because she is a grandma now and she has worked her whole life for everyone else.  She is more than deserving of that time freedom than anyone else I know, and I want to build this business to give that to her.  Because not only does time freedom and additional income mean I can go to Connecticut, but it also means Connecticut can come to us sometimes too.  Not to mention, the gift of retirement will still and always pale in comparison to what she’s given me & my brother throughout our lives.

Happy Mother’s Day to my mom.  My “why.”  And all the other moms out there who still aren’t done working, but should be.  And a big whopping thank you to the head Mom and senior VP of our company Loren Ridinger for giving us the chance to gift our moms the freedom they have long-since earned.

This weekend only for Mother’s Day, I will be offering a 25% off coupon for all things beauty at my site!  Motives Cosmetics more specifically, for all you makeup loving moms out there!  Or if you have a mom and love makeup (me 🙋).  Or if you just love makeup.  Hehe.  25OFFMA at checkout, ends Sunday at midnight!  Happy Mom Day Weekend!


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