When there aren’t words.

In the wake of such a horrific tragedy, ripples can still be felt around the world, and especially within our country.  Ripples of intolerance, ignorance, anger, sadness.  Everyone has a solution for all the problems, everyone knows what should be done, we each think we know better than everyone else.  And yet we still find ourselves in these silent moments of pure disbelief that these things can happen at all.  And in the worst way.  When people are out having fun and enjoying their lives.

It has all been discussed, up and down, left and right.  It’s the gun’s fault, it’s Obama’s fault, it’s the culture’s fault, it’s the world’s fault.  The blame has been passed around like a hot potato.  There isn’t much left to be said nor commented on, except the common bond formed amid expressions of the helpless feelings of overwhelming sympathy for the victims and their loved ones.  You have been on my mind for the past two days, and I wish there was something I could do.

Not to make light of a horrible situation, but sometimes light is the only thing to make things feel less dark.

All I have today is my snapchat story from this afternoon, when I was sitting and thinking… kind of dwelling about what I would say if I had the world’s attention.


Over-simplification of a very complex problem, yes.  But when you get down to it, no one is born full of hatred.  It is a learned emotion.  So really, it is that simple.  We are all humans.  We are all different.  A donut with rainbow sprinkles or chocolate sprinkles or vanilla sprinkles, is still a donut.  And I love all donuts.  Give peace a chance.

And go hug your loved ones.  And pray for those who are hurting.  Love still wins.  No matter how hard they try, no matter how much they test the strength and the ability of the American people to come together in times of crisis, there will never be a time where we fail that test, nor will there ever be a time where love doesn’t win.


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