summer update

I hope everyone had a fantastic fourth of July weekend!


Ours was full of sanding and sawdust, as we are knee deep in some fun renovations over here at the Undomestic household!  Not the least of which is my new blog layout!  I had had my eye on this design for a while, but the $49 price tag was a little much for my minimal, occasionally-biweekly posting.  But today I impulse bought it, hopeful that it would motivate me to get my butt in gear and post more regularly.  Or at least start to see more post-worthy material in the every day.  I’ve been making a lot of impulsive decisions lately, it seems.  So far so good, so, fingers crossed!

In other news- summer!  It certainly took its sweet time arriving, but thankfully, once it officially started over here in Dairyland, it started.  We have been blessed with some amazing weather over the past two months!  Very little rain, and if there is a raindrop or two, it is sunny by the end of the day.  In addition, the weekends (knock on wood) are consistently gorgeous.  That’s one plus of living along Lake Michigan.  Even though the wind is a pain the butt for selfies and hair-dos, it definitely helps blow that bad weather out of here as quickly as it came in.


We have spent every weekend so far this summer down in Milwaukee.  They should change the spelling to Mil-walk-ee, since it is so walkable.  That would explain why I’m not 300 pounds, as it feels as though anytime I’m not walking around Milwaukee, I’m parked on my butt eating there.  So much for not adjusting to Wisconsin.  You’re going to have to drag me away from that city kicking and screaming when it’s time for us to move back east, ha!


This is my f-a-v-o-r-i-t-e spot in the city!  And lucky for me, right across the grass from where we’re sitting, is a very conveniently located Starbucks for my weekly iced tall caramel macchiato. 😏  (I’ve been cutting out any sugary drinks during the week and just let myself have that one on Sundays in Milwaukee.)


Luckier, will be me in the winter months when also located right in between where we are sitting and my macchiato heaven, is an ice rink!  This will be happening this winter.  I haven’t skated in years, but used to do so for sport when I was little, so, I don’t care what Anthony says– it’s time.  If you live in the frigid cold for a nice healthy chunk of the year, you earn a few rounds on the ice.  Am I right or am I right?


Two years ago if you told me Milwaukee, Wisconsin was where it’s at, I would have laughed and envisioned a midwestern “city” with tumbleweeds and tractors rolling through.  Believe me when I say Milwaukee, and anything north of it along interstate 43 to Sheboygan is worth checking out if you’re looking for a new place to visit.  Not to mention, we officially have a guest bed now!  Hehe, just kidding.

How are everyone’s summers so far?  What do you do for fun in your areas?

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