pinterest helped me organize.

Happy Monday!  Over here in the land of undomestic living, I have been strangely obsessed with… domestic living.

Or, well, organizing.

Before you get your hopes up, no I am not cured, nor suddenly a domestic wonder.  My organizational obsession stems more from excessive Pinteresting rather than an actual desire to live a simpler, clutter free life.  AKA, organizing things like my makeup instead of the closet that has sat with 47 articles of clothing in a pile on the floor for the better part of half the fiscal year.

Anywho, I was getting ready one morning, digging around in this basket-o-fun here on a shelf in my bathroom, looking for my foundation or blush, or whatever step I was on in my super rushed 4:30am makeup routine, and I realized– well, more acknowledged the fact that my makeup storage situation was a little out of control hot mess.



Ah.  Yes.  There is makeup in there.  Some here.  Some there.  Some everywhere.  And to be perfectly honest, this worked just fine for me for a year and a half in Wisconsin, and 25 years in Connecticut.  Hot mess, disorganized, everything everywhere, organized mess, so to speak.  It looked like a disaster, but I knew where everything was.  You know?  But, one day, actually around when we started tearing up our downstairs to refinish the floors, I became obsessed with getting organized.

It either had something to do with the fact that the whole first floor was getting a makeover, or because the TV was out of commission for the foreseeable future.  Either or, really.

But that’s when the fun part begins.  It’s great browsing Pinterest for something you’ll probably never do, but when it’s something realistically on your list of things, it’s nice sifting through all the pretty images knowing that it will actually come to fruition.  Even if those images make things seem 46x easier than they actually are.  I’m telling you, if there were a website that could make Rome look like it was in fact built in a day, it would be Pinterest.

So, later that weekend, I ended up looking at mason jars online, and while I was super gung-ho about organizing my bathroom, I wasn’t exactly willing to spend $10 instead of $4, so I opted for the smaller mason jars, and went with two coats of a lighter shade of Tiffany for the color.

If we’re getting technical, apparently it’s called “ocean mist.”  But I like “faded Tiffany” better, and I think it paints a more obvious mental picture. 🤓

Small but helpful hint.  While it may seem as though going a foot in each direction beyond the perimeter of the mason jar is enough newspaper, add a little bit more.  As Anthony’s typical man response to a Pinterest project was “you painted the garage floor.”  So, for next time… hehe.


I think it’s up to you whether you paint the inside or outside of the jar.  I initially was going to go for inside, but after consulting Pinterest, the popular opinion seemed to be painting the outside, despite the fact that I’ll be touching that more than the inside.  But I’m sure either works.  Next time I’ll paint the inside and see which lasts longer or looks better.

Later in the week when I had some more down time between working and not cleaning my closet, I went up and organized the bathroom shelf.  Ha, I say this like it’s a day-long task. If you’re me, it’s 30 minutes.  If you’re normal, it’s about five.

& voila!


Next stop, Anthony’s shelf above mine!  I’m sure he will love the mason jar addition. 🙄😋

Not the craftiest of Pinterest projects, but hey, baby steps!

Have a great week, everyone!  Monday is almost over! 💜


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