make yourself small.

There is so much turmoil in the country lately.  In the world.  Never in my wildest did my teenager self picture our world looking like this.  Racism rearing such a large, ugly head, you would think we had made zero progress since the Civil War.  If we aren’t being threatened by terrorists, we are opening our news feeds to read of another mass shooting, riot, or killing of an officer.  I think when it was just terrorism, devastatingly,  that was pretty par for the course.  We are America.  We will always have enemies.  It almost, in comparison to what is going on internally, made sense for people outside of our nation to attack us.  But within our borders?  Attacking each other??  What the actual fuck, you guys.  We are one nation.  One house.  In the neighborhood that is the world, we are one family, and this black vs. white, community vs. law enforcement, gay vs. straight needs to stop.  There is plenty of violence, and plenty of people who want us dead.  If we aren’t united as one in our country, it will be all too easy for enemy nations to destroy us.  Divide & conquer is a legitimate strategy.  We are weaker as small groups of scared, angry, hurting, hateful people.  We are stronger as one.  United we stand.  Divided we fall.  They’ve already begun to divide us.  Don’t let them conquer.

Go for a walk.  Clear your heads.  Realize how small we are.  I went for a walk by the lake yesterday with Anthony.  For a little while I was standing alone at the end of a pier getting splashed by waves and hit by gusts of wind, because I liked the way it felt.  The lake was turbulent that afternoon.  The waves were only getting rougher, and out on the piers, you’re on a thin stretch of rock, and you’re surrounded by something so much bigger than you.  It’s a powerful reminder of how little you are, and how little control you have.  Even when you think you have control, you don’t have very much.  To some, that may be a powerless feeling.  But to me, there was a strange, eerie, addicting feeling of comfort in it.  In standing out there, I felt for a few minutes, that everything would be okay.  That something bigger than us is in control, and while we don’t always agree with what happens, it’s not up to us.

Life is fair, because it is unfair to everyone.

Take a few minutes and make yourself small.  It feels better than you think.


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