delayover©- n.- delayed layover.

Well, I can check another goal off my list of adulthood requirements.  I have officially flown alone.  Something I never thought I would do.  Back pre-Dairyland, I was kind of a giant wimp.  I didn’t think nor know that I was, but in hindsight, oh yeah.  I definitely was.  I didn’t really travel very far by myself, ever, and over my dead body would I have boarded a plane without a buddy to fly with.  So, thanks good ole Wisco for being good for me despite my early-on resistance, and for ushering me into a more independent adulthood.  Suffice to say, my claws are officially sunken into the state of Wisconsin.  It may or may not be to the point where I will be dragged out kicking and screaming when it is finally time to move back east.


So far my stint in Cincinatti, which has been extended by 40 minutes, is pretty nice.  It kind of reminds me of the airport back in Connecticut, but a little bigger, nicer, and complete with this amazing little charging station that has a table, privacy walls, and free wifi.  I have pretty much found my new office, and I’m definitely liking this bit of Ohio better than my only other experience with the state: driving eight hours eastward.  No thank you. 🖐

Aside from this terminal being an almost complete ghost town & resembling the emptiness of that Stephen King creeper The Langoliers, I’m only slightly bored, and just antsy to get back to the motherland.  While I am there, I only have two plans, one being the birthday party, and the other being a coffee date with a friend I haven’t seen since my wedding last summer so she can take a look at my business.

I like it that way.  Trips home are always nice, but the short and sweet ones are just that– short and sweet.  Not a lot of time to try and figure out how to see everyone I have ever known in Connecticut, just get there, see a couple, and get back.  While it is a bummer to only have a couple days, and really just hours to see some old friends, it is sort of a blessing in disguise, because it eliminates all that stress of fitting everyone in.

About an hour to go, and then, next stop, home, and this little booger!  💜


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