travel day anxieties

Today is the day I sneak home to Connecticut for my niece’s birthday party this Saturday. Some people know I’m coming, but my mom doesn’t. Luckily, she doesn’t know I blog either. 😜

Normally I probably wouldn’t fly solo to Connecticut for a random weekend, but since it’s the little peanut’s birthday party, and it’s like pulling teeth getting my family to take photos on a normal occasion, let alone when I may need to experience the whole thing through photos, and I make a photo book for her birthday every year.  So I can’t rely on the occasional smartphone picture this time.  That and, next week, we head to Florida on vacation with Anthony’s family, and of course I do feel a smidge guilty about heading down with his family and not seeing my own between Easter and sometime in Septmeber.  So it all kind of aligned perfectly, and it was pretty much a no brainer aside from the fact that it is my first time flying by myself.

I’m not necessarily nervous to fly.  Moving 1000 miles away and going home for most holidays gets you over that nonsense pretty quickly.  However I would be lying if I said there wasnt the occasional weak moment of idle thought at 30,000 feet where you start to really analyze the physics of it all, and “is that thing on the wing supposed to be moving like that?” Where it’s nice to have a hand to pull me back to reality.  But hey, in times like we have experienced lately, maybe I should grab a strangers hand. 😏

Another, if possible even sillier reason behind my little solo travel anxiety is, Anthony and I have not spent a day apart since I moved out to Wisconsin with him a year and a half ago.  So yeah, I will probably be missing him a lot, and I will absolutely cry when I stop by his office to say by before heading off to the airport later today.  Haha.  Please tell me this is normal and that I’m not at all a stage five clinger. 😁😬😳

But we did get to hang out last night and do our Milwaukee and dinner thing we normally do on the weekend we’re missing out on this time around.  So that was good!


On the less emotional side of things, I was an idiot when I originally requested the time off, and didn’t realize I would impulse-quit my job between then and now, and I didn’t ask for today off.  So I’m also a wee bit anxious about how much time I will have to get home from work, finish packing, and paint my nails.  Yes.  Priorities, ladies.  💁

In other news though, in case anyone is wondering, one of the managers at my job is allegedly going abroad this evening for the weekend.  I say “in case anyone is wondering,” as he has told 70% of our customers, and 100% of our employees today, so apparently he thinks they are.  Including but not limited to showing photos of what he will do and talking about how easily he can afford it, and his offshore investment accounts.  I normally don’t like to direct attack anyone on this blog.  However, a good braggart always rubs me the wrong way. 🙂 So, sorry for the mini rant.

On that note, my thirty minute therapy session/lunch break is now over, so I’ll be on my way to go stress more about silly things, and listen to more about a trip I’ve heard in great detail, at least four times now.  Give me a minute to practice my ooh and ahh face. 😳

Just kidding.  Okay.  Over it.  Happy blogs.  Happy blogs.

3 thoughts on “travel day anxieties

  1. I took my first solo break 2 months back as well .. so am telling you from experience it works out for the better 😀 Now stop worrying, as you don’t want the stress to show in all the pics you plan to take 🙂


  2. Awww, you’ll be fine 🙂 …. enjoyed reading your post! It’s good to take a solo break every now and then … makes one value things a lot more 🙂 … Have a fab time and happy birthday to your niece in advance 🙂


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