how can we not talk about family when family’s all that we got..

Happy Monday everyone!  I’m back in the dairyland after a quick but awesome weekend with the fam dam back home in Connecticut!

The highlight of the weekend would have to be, hands down, finding out that my now two-year-old peanut of a niece actually knows who I am.

Moving to Wisconsin was hard in general, leaving family was harder, and leaving a five-month-old niece behind to live elsewhere for at least three years during a formative chunk of her life was really painful.  I knew eventually she would know who I was because of photos and people telling her that I am her “auntie Sam,” but I wanted her to be able to see me and know.  Which I figured would be a little easier if I were present for more than a handful of days throughout the years.

Long story short, the day after I got into Connecticut, I was dropping off a wedding gift for a friend at the restaurant I used to work.  My old boss told me that my brother, sister-in-law, and niece were outside.  Not willing to wait until the party the next day to see my peanut, I threw what would normally be a giant fear of imposing to the wind, and sorry-not-sorried my way into their dinner.  She was a little shy as always, and I was sure she didn’t know who I was.  I mean, she’s only just recently two, and probably way too young to remember someone she only sees a couple times a year.  After I decided to stop hijacking their dinner, I ran back down to my mom’s car to leave, and got the greatest text I could ever receive from my brother.


Day made.  Life made.  My little genius of a niece, at two years old knew who I was, after I last saw her at Easter.  And before that, Christmas.  I don’t have kids yet, but I know at least from my own experience that I personally don’t remember jack nor squat before I was about four.  So, color me impressed, and a little teary-eyed, I’ll admit.  My little nugget knows who I am!

The rest of the weekend consisted of lunch with my dad, visiting my grandma, and then seeing my mom’s side of the family all in one shot at the birthday party.  Peyton is one spoiled and loved little girl, receiving a boatload of presents, including an amazing playhouse & swing set from my mom and Kurt Russel, who built both of them himself.

Now I’m back, and home for a few minutes before taking off to Florida with Anthony’s family.  Woohoo!  First vacation in two years!

Happy birthday, Peyton!  Thank you for giving me a reason to come home for the weekend!


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