let it be

I find that as of late, my free time is sandwiched between trips.  There was my trip home last week, we leave for Florida this week, and then the first week of August it’s back to the east coast for me for a business convention.  While I am looking forward to all of it, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t going to breathe a huge sigh of relief once I get home after the last trip out.  As lately, I find myself just kind of getting home and then waiting to leave again.

I mean, I have free time.  Here and there.  But it never feels like enough to accomplish anything.  The living room floors were recently finished, the walls painted, but the furniture still sits in the garage and the kitchen.  The bathroom needs to be cleaned.  The dishes are piling up in the sink.  I made hot dogs as a lazy attempt at dinner.  I ate cereal out of a coffee mug.

But it was the caption on the particular mug that I happened to grab that made me laugh.

“Let it be.”

It was as if someone knew these things would normally stress me out.  I mean, they do.  And are.  But we are leaving on vacation soon.  The first vacation we have been on in two years, since moving out here.  We don’t really count the trips back home.  While they are great, and days off of work, Connecticut isn’t exactly the vacation spot you all may be thinking. 😉

So thank you God, universe, sub-conscious, whomever— it was nice to have a funny little reminder to just chill out.  Everything will get done (today after work, in fact), and soon enough we will be on our way to the sunshine state with Anthony’s family whom we haven’t seen since April. 😀

Happy Tuesday y’all!  Let it be.

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