how to stay friends with your mail carrier

Back in Connecticut where I’m from, we had mailboxes on posts at the end of our driveways, lining one side of the streets.  You know, the standard mailbox with the little flag that slid up and down when you had mail for the carrier to pick up on his or her way.


Here in Wisco, along with a bunch of other things I’m not used to, we have our mailboxes up on the house and it raises a couple of questions from yours truly.

1. How do you send mail?

This may seem like a silly question.  But I’m actually completely serious.  Back home, we would put the mail in the box, and put the flag up, so the person delivering the mail would know to take what is in there.  Here however, there is no flag nor any type of indication that the mail inside the box is to go out, and not just me being lazy and not checking it that day — which I have done many a time.  So instead I just drive down to the post office every damn time I need to send something out.  This may reveal a very lazy side of me, but that task is annoying when it is the only reason you are going out that day.

2. More importantly, how do you let your mail carrier know they are getting your mail wet?

This may also seem odd.  However we have a little situation over here where, on even the rainiest of days, 2/3 of our mail carriers drop the mail in and leave the box looking like exhibit A up top, today’s mail.

So my question is, along with wondering where all the common sense went, how do you go about dropping a friendly reminder that when it’s raining, open containers end up wet, along with everything inside them?  I thought about leaving a note, or taping one on the mailbox, but how do you phrase that?  “Please don’t leave the mailbox open?”  I don’t know.  It just sounds bitchy to me.  And I don’t need to be making enemies of my mail people.  I get a lot of deliveries, and it’s almost Christmas card season, you know.  I live for this season.  Ha.  But in all seriousness… is there a friendly way to basically call attention to something that should be obvious?

3. Speaking of Christmas cards…

I know my aunt who has a mailbox on her house leaves a Christmas card for her mail carrier.  They go way back and I guess he is a great mail guy.  We have three different people who alternate the route that includes my house.  Should I leave a Christmas card in the box as we round third base of the holiday season?

Sometimes even I am amazed at the ridiculousness of my own posts.

Hope you’re all having a great hump day with mail that’s nice and dry! 😏

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