checking in!

Hey all!  Happy Thursday!  Just wanted to pop in super quickly and dust off the cobwebs that have started to form at the ole blog here.  I haven’t been feeling too too hot as of late, and that coupled with being super uninspired in the writing department makes for an abandoned blog!

I hope everyone is having a fantastic Fall so far!  I recently rented a lens for a shoot I had on Tuesday, and the above photo was just from our little slice of Lake Michigan last night as I tried to squeeze every last second out of the last rental day.  If anyone is looking for a duke ass lens, go with the 35mm.  Even if it means taking out a second mortgage to get it.  Ha.  Kidding.  Sort of.

Anyway, in my absence, I’ve been chugging along through some editing after a few photo sessions that I’m trying to finish up before my mom and stepdad come visit tomorrow from Connecticut!  We are so excited to finally have some visitors for the first time since last October!  It’s hard for people to get out here, especially when there was a mass Florida trip just a couple months earlier.  But, hey, I’ll take what I can get!

Welp, just wanted to pop in.. sorry this was all over the place and rambly..  I’ll try to come back with some real substance soon!  In the meantime, I’m thrilled to announce that my lease favorite thing on the planet Earth have been spotted just ten minutes from where I live.


What is going on with them.  (Also, I’d be lying if I said we weren’t down by the lake last night to maybe see one or two.)

I think I just found a topic.  More thoughts on this horrifying nonsense mañana.  Happy Thursday folks!  Have a random picture of cookies that Anthony surprised me with on Tuesday night because this post is the definition of pointless fluff. 😬

Have a great Friday!  And sending prayers and safe vibes to anyone anywhere near this crazy hurricane flying up the east coast. 🙈

p.s. those cookies were gone by last night. 🍪🐷

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