final answer

Ten days past my expected period.

Five negative pregnancy tests.

Literally every period or early pregnancy symptom except sore boobs.

I emailed my gynecologist today because it’s to the point where, if I’m not pregnant, then I want to know, because I’d like to get pregnant, and if that means jumpstarting my period, then so be it.

I ended up going in for a blood test, the ultimate test.  So I guess we will know by tomorrow whether or not I’m pregnant, getting my period maybe, or my body is just really really confused.


Update: As I was about to post this, I got the email from my gyno.  HCG test came back negative.  So, there’s no reason for my ten+ day late period with all of the period symptoms.  At this point I’m praying that it shows up over the weekend, which is around the time it used to show up before it’s five month break from March-July.

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