hearing voices

There’s something amazing about hearing the murmur of familiar voices in your home.

Ever since moving out here almost two years ago, we have heard this sweet sound we have been missing, only a handful of times.

This was our first home together.  In fact, it was the first time either of us had ever lived in a house that wasn’t owned by our parents.  So, naturally when you get your first home– or any new home, I’d imagine– you are excited to share it with everyone.

Unless you’re 1000 miles, two planes, and one layover away from those people.  It makes it a little bit harder for them to get out here.  Especially when they have school or work, and, if I’m being honest, I wouldn’t want to take vacation time to visit Wisconsin.  While I know it’s a closet destination, no one else really knows that until they are here.

Anywho, this past weekend, my mom and her Kurt Russel came to visit!  You could say this was more exciting than Christmas.  The last time someone from the east coast stayed with us was almost exactly a year ago.  In fact, it was exactly a year ago my mom was here, and a year on Halloween marked the last time anyone got out here to visit.  So you can bet the house was sparkling clean and Anthony and I were beyond excited for this little treat we waited almost an entire year for.

another obvious bonus of visitors: no self timer! Hehe 😀

I’m beyond grateful to report a perfect-weather weekend.  The majority of their stay was amid 60-degree temperatures and cloudless blue skies.  The foliage in our area was really starting to pop, and I guess I’ll just say our picture perfect little town was doing a pretty great job of showing itself off for the visitors.

We spent probably 90% of the weekend in Milwaukee, as that is where we spend most of our time anyway, and then when Anthony had to go back to work on Monday, I took that day and Tuesday to show them the cute little local spots.  All in all, I think they had a great time not only being away from work for a few days, but also seeing the quiet midwest in its peak season.

The whole city did a pretty great job of convincing my parents that this is the place to be, but I’ll be honest, I think it was the creatively placed swing park under an overpass that not only sold the deal, but also brought the inner children out of my mom and her boyfriend.

normally they are the ones pushing my niece on the swing, so I’m sure they enjoyed doing the actual swinging for a change..

The days flew by pretty fast, but at the same time didn’t feel too fast.  Anthony took a half day yesterday and was able to go with us to the airport.  It’s always a bummer when family leaves, and, as expected, is one of two scenarios in which I feel really “over” our living situation.  The second being when we have to leave Connecticut to come back.

It’s hard to be “okay” with the fact that seeing family means major travel.  But at the end of the day we are very blessed and feel incredibly grateful for the opportunity to experience life beyond our little corner of New England.  It’s hard when the visits are over, but we are both so thankful that they happen at all, that it makes the “see you soon” a little bit easier.

I hope you everyone had an amazing Fall weekend!  Getting super close to Halloween!  Anyone have any fun plans for that exciting… Monday 😳?  I think the scariest part of that holiday is that it falls on the worst day of the week.  Hehe.  Just kidding, party up your weekend! 🎃👻

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