a PSA to those being dicks about the election.


This isn’t a typical post for me.  I don’t like politics.  I’m not uneducated on the topic, but I don’t like bringing them up, and I don’t usually talk like this in blog posts, but enough is enough people.  At this point, America is like a horse with a leg that’s about to break.  Stop making a bad situation worse by being a bunch of assholes to each other.


I’m sure I’m not the first, in a long line of us fed up humans, who hate election years.

But I was probably pretty close to the front of the line considering I gear up to start dreading the upcoming election season a good one to two years through the current administration to prepare myself for a solid 20+ months of stress & emotional damage from political banter, playground bullshit, and a lot of Twitter fights.  And that’s just between the candidates.  😏  While it’s incredibly annoying, incredibly unbefitting of the future leader of our country, and just incredibly stupid, it is expected, to some degree.

The thing that annoys me the most, is the way us civilians, and more specifically, Facebook has played a role in this election.  Because at the end of the day, we are all friends.  Or at least we were friends up until the moment we decided to invoke our God-given rights to have, and our American rights to voice our own opinions.

A few shout outs…

  • Shout out to the “adults” on Facebook who demean and insult their “friends” and their morals, lifestyles, intelligence, all because of whom they have begrudgingly decided to vote for.
  • Shout out to the “adults” on the internet hiding behind their computer screens while they ream their former friends over the fact that their opinion is different from their own.
  • Shout out especially to my favorite “adults.”  The ones who, at ages even older than mine, are “unfriending” people because of who they are supporting in this election.  (LOL what?!)
    • The ones whose history as friends is apparently all a lie now that their own personal reasoning has led them to choose what they believe is the lesser of two evils.
    • The ones who already knew there was a difference in political beliefs, but it only became a problem in the 2016 election from hell.
    • The one to whom I will still be sending a Christmas cards this year, because despite being ten years younger, I can be an adult, and I Facebook officially don’t care if you hit the “unfriend” button.  Because Facebook isn’t life.

So we all know someone who has lost a friend this spicy 2016, year of the morons-running-for-office.  And as I’m sure you have deduced, it happened to me recently.  Ironically, I accidentally realized that I lost one the other day while attempting to adjust my privacy settings to hide a post I was sharing from a couple people I knew would get all bent out of shape, and I couldn’t add one of them to the list because we weren’t friends anymore.  Yes, it’s “my Facebook page,” but I actually do go out of my way to not offend people, and I think I have been pretty objective considering the thoughts still brewing inside my head regarding this election and the idiots running the asylum.

Anyway, I actually laughed out loud at that moment.  Because, holy shit guysthis is actually a thing.  I didn’t realize that after seven years we were suddenly incompatible as friends as of October 2016 based on Facebook shares.  But uh, thanks for being in my wedding? 😂🤔

I may sound like an asshole, or as though I’m deeply bothered by it.  I suppose I’m not not bothered, because I actually do like this person, and we have always been very openly on opposite ends of the political spectrum.  But that’s part of what I liked about this person.  That being polar opposites on the political sidelines never got in the way of us being friends.  So I don’t think I’m so much bothered by the unfriending (thank you Jesus & spell check for not recognizing “unfriending” as a word, I was getting nervous that the millennials had completely overthrown Merriam Webster) as I am disappointed that this election year has cut so deeply that it brings out such a ridiculously intolerant side of people.


What do you think happens after November 8th?

  • Do you think the world stops turning?
  • Do you think November 9th will never come?  I mean, it better, it’s Anthony’s and my 5-year-anniversary.  But for real.  This is an election.  Not Y2K all over again, and even that ended up being all bark and no bite.
  • Do you think we will no longer see each other out in public?  Are we supposed to ignore each other in the grocery store now because according to Facebook, we are no longer friends?
  • Do everyone’s lives now start heading in different directions from this awkward crossroads all because of a presidential election?  Something a lot of us have voted in many times now?

Regardless of the outcome of this disaster we are so unfortunately wrapped up in right now, the world will continue to turn, people.  We will see each other in public, and I will never not say hi to someone because of how they voted.

At this point, we are stuck in a position where we’re essentially choosing between which disease we’d rather have, or which limb we’d prefer to be amputated.  There is no right answer.  No right candidate.  When you let shit like this come between a friendship, you don’t win, your now non-friend doesn’t win.  Nobody wins except a group of politicians, corrupt to the core, succeeding in possibly the most divisive handful of years I’ve ever seen in my lifetime.

I leave you with this.

Regardless of who you are voting for-

  • you are not stupid.
  • you are not intolerant
  • you are not a racist
  • you are not a sexist
  • you are not looking for handouts
  • you are not brainwashed
  • you are the same person you were before this, and if I liked you then, I will like you now, and I will like you after.
  • you and your choice are not going to be judged by me, and I don’t even want to know who you’re voting for, so long as you vote.  Because that is the one decision I will judge.  We live in a country where we are so lucky to be able to cast a vote for what we feel is the best choice.  It’s not always easy, and it’s especially difficult to see how our vote counts.  But it does.  The only uneducated people are the ones who sit back and refuse to vote, and then complain about it later.  It counts.  You count.  And you matter.  Can it please be November 9th now?


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