Still going mad

Well, yesterday officially marks the fourth missed period (start date).  So I really have NO idea what is going on with my body at this point.

We are now at over a year of no birth control, and we are almost closing in on a year of whacky periods.  For those catching up, I was on the pill until November of 2015.  Had no period December, had a period January & February, and then March-July was the longest dry spell I have ever had.  And, I couldn’t even enjoy it because I was too worried about what it meant for future fertility.  Believe it or not, ladies, every month I was sitting there with my fingers crossed, HOPING for a visit from Aunt Flo.

I haven’t really updated about this in a while, but long story short, I have now gone four months without a period again, and finally had some sort of spotting this afternoon.  Late last month I started drinking Raspberry Leaf Tea, as I read this was an old natural solution to irregular periods or hormonal imbalances.  If this spotting from earlier leads to a full blown period, I will be shouting this information from the rooftops.

On the other hand, though, if you’re interested in chatting about cervical mucous, I have been hyper aware of mine, and noticed changes similar to ovulation-time CM, and so in my crazy head, now I’m wondering if maybe I ovulated without a period (I have read it’s possible), and could this spotting possibly be implantation bleeding.

This is the insanity that has lived inside my brain for the better part of the last four months.  No wonder my period isn’t showing up.  It’s probably scared.

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