winter hobbies

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah & Happy New Year.  The holiday season was such a vibrant one this year.  I’m not sure why, or what was so different about this season, for me, but it just seemed much more magical than the hefty handful of Christmas seasons I’ve had since the days of believing in Santa Claus.

Anthony, Maddie and I at Anthony’s parents’ house Christmas Eve

Christmas is always a great time of year, but as I got older, I always left the season wondering why it wasn’t quite like I remembered it.  As though I spent the whole season waiting for the day to come, only for it to arrive and leave me wondering where all the magic was that I remembered from childhood.  Which, I know is a big part of it.  I have heard that Christmas becomes fun again when you have kids and you get to relive that magic all over again.  So I am happily looking froward to those days, but it was great having a Christmas that was almost as magical as the Santa days of my childhood, while being a grown adult.  I’m grateful for Christmas ending without me wondering if I had missed it… If that makes a shred of sense.  How were your holidays?!

my sweetie pie niece and my cousin’s daughter the day after Christmas

But, like every other holiday, it eventually comes to an end, and we are left looking winter in the eye and bracing ourselves for the cold days, icy weather, and begging that groundhog to tell us that Spring will be an early one.

Ever since leaving Starbucks a few months ago, I have been focusing a lot more on my photography business.  But, with the exception of a few scattered jobs here and there, winter is a pretty dead season for a natural light photographer… Especially in Wisconsin where it hurts your face to walk from the car to to the store, let alone standing outside for a photo shoot. 😂  (Shoutout to the couple I shot last Saturday who did just that for an hour in 19 degrees)

With that in mind, I decided in late October that it was time to find another hobby that would get me through the boring winter months.  One that didn’t involve waking up at 3:45am to make lattes.  And that hobby is: knitting.


I have always wanted to learn but, like with most things, I assumed it would be too hard and I wouldn’t have time.  Turns out, it’s not hard at all to learn, and now I have nothing but time!  Which works out well, because I’m pretty much obsessed with it.  Not to mention knitted hats make really affordable and personal supplemental Christmas gifts! 😉

My current project is a blanket I have been working on for my husband in black, white and blue, because he’s nothing short of obsessed with BMW.  It’s a work in progress and definitely a labor of love, but it’s coming along.  A few hiccups as its my first blanket, but at least I know he will like it either way– or at least pretend to. 😅

What kind of indoor hobbies get you through the cold months?

Aside from that and some sporadic photos to work on, there isnt much else going on except a heck of a lot of denial that the Christmas tree needs to come down at some point… Please tell me I’m not the only one!?

Happy Friday! 💕

4 thoughts on “winter hobbies

  1. Your tree/home looks incredible. Keep up the knitting it’s so versatile but look to use natural yarns rather than acrylics. I knit and weave and even spin my own wool (saves a lot of money and it opens up a lot of options when choosing the yarn type).

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