getting it out of my system

found this gorgeous church (I think?) driving around last weekend

Any Catholics in the house??

If so, then you probably know everyone’s favorite time of year is coming up…  Lent!

Ha.  Just kidding.  Not in an offensive way, just, I’m really into chicken & turkey & hot dogs and that literal one day per week that I can’t have it during the season of Lent starts to feel like I’m being asked to give up breathing.

Every year from my mid-teens on, I would give something up for Lent.  Usually along the lines of Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks, or my go-to food at the restaurants where I worked.  Then somewhere around 2012 or so, I think I kind of forgot to give something up, and then later that year even went so far as to somehow rationalize not going to church on the reg anymore either.  I mean, super devout Catholic, I never was.  But you could certainly say I fell off whatever degree of religious wagon I was riding for a bit.  I blame the hurricane we had one August weekend where I, for the first time ever, managed to convince myself not to go.  But that’s neither here nor there.

Anywho, later 2014 I got my shit back together and started going regularly again, and here we are.  I think the last couple of years around now I just tried to be a better person, more like doing something for Lent rather than giving something up.  Because, lets face it, the older you get, the more you can’t part with whatever vices you have.  And since I already kicked the coffee back in September, all that’s left is my food.  And food is basically my oxygen.

I figured I would try “being better” again this go around, but a little different.  This year, along with not carelessly enjoying eating every Friday until after Easter, my Lenten goal is to simply not be such a butthole.  And to maybe chill out a little.  These two, while seemingly unrelated, are actually beautifully intertwined as one, courtesy of my issue with caring too much about stupid shit.

While I don’t want to openly admit (to myself nor to others) to being occasionally judgmental, I do find it difficult to not impose my own personal moral code, beliefs, opinions, preferences, etc on others.  So I guess without all of that skating around the subject, I can tend to be somewhat judgmental, and get annoyed with people for not reacting the same way I necessarily would in a situation.  But I’m hoping everyone has a little bit of that in them, right?  After all, our own reactions are all we know, so how do we not find ourselves looking at that of others and occasionally wondering “wtf?”

So with that said, my goal is to first and foremost: chill out.  I don’t run the world, I’m not in charge of other people, nor their reactions, nor the karma that comes with any decisions they do or don’t make.  If it doesn’t affect me nor hurt anyone, it’s going to roll off me like water off a duck.  (Fingers crossed.)  By extension, I’m hoping to stop dropping quite as many snippy remarks and potentially coming off as more hostile and/or bitchy than I actually am.

With this upcoming lifestyle update in mind, I figured there’s no time like the present to purge myself of any little insignificant irritations and whining about things that don’t actually take away from my life, but for some reason when I’m crabby, I see fit to bitch & moan about.  I mean, it is Fat Tuesday after all. 💁

One.  People who mindlessly dart across parking lots or streets without looking both ways.  I get it if you’re distracted, or forget sometimes, or kind of look and miss a car.  But to intentionally look down as you jump in front of my car just so that your impatient ass can’t wait the extra .3 seconds to cross… don’t do it.  It makes it really hard to hit the brakes.

Two.  People who post screen grabs of text message conversations because they are trying to exhibit how funny they think they are without actually asking “isn’t my response funny?”  Or think that everyone else will be “omg jealous” of their conversations with their friends.  I can personally guarantee you we all think our own conversations are just as, if not funnier than what is popping up on my Instagram feed, especially considering I know the people I’m talking to, and understand the context.

Three.  Excessive selfies.  I get it.  It’s the selfie generation.  In fact, I used to be a selfie taker.  However, I also think that the age of selfies has sort of died off.  Even if it hasn’t, in recent months I’ve noticed a lot of people posting more photos of themselves than anything else, and as a 27-year-old basic biotch myself, it’s finally dawning on me how narcissistic and silly it looks to do something like that at all, let alone at the frequency I have been noticing lately.

Four.  Trump jokes.  (This isn’t political.)  It’s March tomorrow.  Four months after the election, two months after the inauguration, it’s time to move on.  I get it.  For many millennials who have spent their lives being told that they can have whatever they want and never hearing the word “no,” it’s the absolute end of the world that the election didn’t go the other way.  However, as someone on the internet said, hoping for the president to fail is like hoping the pilot crashes the plane we’re all riding on.  Not to mention, no matter how orange he is, nor how many stupid things he will say on Twitter, eventually the jokes stop being funny and get a little tired.  Can we also please say a prayer for the comedians and late night talk show hosts whom, without Trump jokes, will apparently be completely out of material and jobs?  Regardless of what you think of the dude, if that’s literally all you can ever talk about, you’re clearly not as creative as you’d like to believe.  Shooting at the low hanging fruit is not a skill.

Sheesh.  Now we know why these words stay in my brain.  But, it feels good to let them out once and for all, and hopefully after Lent I will come back shiny and new, less hostile and less bothered by the rest of the population… ha, just kidding.  I love people.  Some/most of the time.  There’s just always going to be that handful that gets to me.  But hopefully said handful will be a little smaller after Easter.

In other news, I’m hoping to open up about a topic that’s a wee bit more personal very soon, once I can find a way to cohesively write about it without jumping all over the place.  So, stay tuned!

Happy Tuesday!

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