take the trip.

Happy Friday Eve, all!

After seven or so months of debating a trip to Florida, about four weeks ago, (because this post is late AF) Anthony and I finally did it.

I love summer.  I love warm weather, and BBQs, and beaches, and pretty much anything else that comes with it.  However I have always been pretty fused to the belief that I could never live in a more or less tropical climate year round, as I would miss the fall and winter-before-Christmas seasons.  However, this winter in particular, I learned between bouts of brain farts and fogginess, that any cold weather after January 1 is less festive, more “I need this to go out the door with my Christmas tree.”

(Full disclosure: I kept my Christmas tree up until mid-way through February this year, so maybe even before my tree.)  

My sudden extreme aversion to winter peaked four Sundays ago when Anthony and I drove to a 24-hour Walmart at midnight (so maybe it was technically Monday?) to buy a carbon monoxide detector because “seasonal affective disorder” didn’t feel like a real enough diagnosis for the strange slew of symptoms we’d experienced for the past couple weeks.  We’re talking nausea, dizziness, overall feeling not so hot, headaches, the whole nine.  Google and I arrived at the conclusion that no one can nor should self-diagnose a brain tumor, (no matter how many times I have tried since the ninth grade) we aren’t aware of any mold in the house, neither Anthony nor I are currently pregnant, and neither of us were actually sick.  Oh yeah, and radio silence on the CO front as well.  But, hey, at least now we have one. 👍

So the day after our late-night Walmart shenans, I got a text from Anthony mid-morning that just said “look for Florida tickets.  Any weekend.  Including this one.”  Well, you don’t have to tell me twice, that’s for damn sure.  I hopped on the computer before I could even close the message, and much to our surprise, the cheapest tickets were the ones for the upcoming Friday.  As in like, four days away.  Which, I know they say the closer you book to the flight, the cheaper it is, but um, if the last three years of traveling to and from the east coast have taught me anything- that is more often than not a bold-faced lie.  Except for this time.

Deciding it was “meant to be,” I booked the flights, and just like that, we were heading to Florida for the weekend.

People?  Let me tell you – if you are suffering from the aforementioned symptoms?  The diagnosis is winter bullshit, and the cure is packing your things and escaping the climate.  Even if  for only a few days.  You know that saying, “eat the cookie, buy the shoes, take the trip” or whatever?  Do it.  Take. The. Trip.  (And absolutely eat the cookie. Do that while you’re booking the trip, even)  Because the millisecond we were walking down the jet bridge into the Daytona airport, I could feel my winter depression melt away in the balmy Florida heat.

Walking out of that airport into humid evening air and seeing palm trees???  I don’t care that it was 10pm, dark, we were gross from travel, nor that once we got to the house it would have to be searched up and down for spiders the size of my palm before I could comfortably allow myself to shower let alone sleep in the beds.  Not a single inconvenience mattered because thank sweet baby Jesus we were not in cold, dreary Wisconsin.  We had finally escaped for a few minutes to sunny Florida where it literally feels like the air is hugging you.

Gone were the headaches, dizziness, feeling like crap for no reason… it just felt like summer, and it was a priceless (ahem, not priceless) cure-all.

Normally I am a dreamer.  I am very much into thinking and daydreaming about “how nice it would be if…” but never actually getting around to doing that “if.”  Anthony & and I both on the conservative side as far as spending goes, and so while it’s really fun to think about, the reality of a spontaneous vacation equating a chunk of change missing from the bank account tends to put those thoughts to bed pretty quickly.  So, I have to admit, it was really really nice to ignore the rational side of things just for a weekend, because it was so emotionally healing to be out of the cold.  If you think that sounds dramatic, three years ago living in Connecticut, I would have agreed with you.  But these Wisco winters?  They kick you right in the balls that you didn’t even know you had. 😂

Take the trip. 💕

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