getting back on the blogging wagon

Happy Hump Day!  I hope everyone’s weeks are fantastic despite some pretty shady weather in certain areas.  Out here in the ole midwesty, this past weekend, we seemed to be back in the throes of late winter, with cold rainy temps down in the 40s.  So, back to jackets and boots for us!  Back on the east coast, however, it seems like it was our turn to be jealous of their weather as they spent Saturday in short sleeves… that’s the late April I’m used to… I think?  I honestly can’t always remember, ha!  You’d think I moved away a decade ago.

Usually I’m ok with fluctuating temperatures (I say this now, but I’m pretty sure when it’s actually happening I’m very much less than thrilled) but last weekend was the first in a Fitbit step challenge being held by Anthony’s company, and the rain was most certainly putting a damper on my competitive streak & staying above the competition, hehe.  Luckily we somehow spent two hours walking around a mall Saturday, and then Sunday we were ripping down the walls of our basement (more on that project later) which helped us scrape by with the daily minimum of 10,000 steps.  Hopefully next weekend will be better though, because most weeks we spend Saturday or Sunday (sometimes both) walking around Milwaukee, and that is usually an easy 10k steps between bouts of me stuffing my face, without even really thinking about it.  Fingers crossed we will see some actual springtime this spring!  Hehe.

In other news, I’ve been looking to become more organized in what I’d like to accomplish for the week ahead of the game to sort of keep me on track.  It’s so easy Monday through Friday to get side tracked by bigger, general tasks rather than the more specific ones I hope to get done, and I’m thinking that if I start making a little “to do list” of sorts of my goals for that week, maybe, just maybe, I can actually start crossing things off my list rather than adding to it.  Maybe.

As the master of the undomestic that I am, I have taken a surprising interest in cooking.  Back when I first moved out here in January of 2015, I could make pancakes, toast, pasta… simple stuff.  Anything that involved multiple preparation steps was pretty much instantly deemed “too scary” for yours truly.  However over the past couple of years, the more I ventured out, the more I actually enjoyed cooking, rather than seeing it as an afternoon chore or obligation.

I’m looking to share more recipes & preparations here on the blog, if not just as proof that you can completely f*** it all up, and still end up with a reasonably tasty product!  Because, no matter how hard I try, I always end up doing something wrong.  In fact, it may be because of how hard I try.  Overthinking is the enemy, folks!

Two food items on my to do list this week were:

  • walnut encrusted chicken
  • croissants (preferably chocolate, duh.)

Believe it or not, I managed to make both of these, with minimal need to crack a window to let the smoke clear out.  (Okay, it’s not smoke, but you know that thing in between burning smell & smoke.)  In a nutshell, fume hoods are your friends.  Utilize it if you’ve got it.  I actually have a fume hood and a window over my stove so, my excuses for “was there a fire?” smell floating through my house are pretty nonexistent.

I’m working on those blog posts kind of alongside this one, & they will be up shortly!  In the meantime, I’ll be off burning tonight’s dinner… which I’m not even really sure what it is as of yet.  Grocery store time for me.

I’m hoping to really crack down on organization next week, since it’s already Wednesday, and if you round up, the week is pretty much over.  So… until the next Monday, haha.

This is a wee bit all over the place and pointless, as per the norm, but eventually I’ll be back into a routine like I was about four years ago when I blogged consistently almost daily.  There’s another one for the to do list… 💕

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