It’s spring so get cleaning!

Happy Friday gals & guys!  It’s crazy how on Mondays, Friday seems so far away, but in the long run, when you look back at the week, it feels like it went so fast!

Or maybe that’s just me.  Or the warmer weather that we are finally having!

I don’t know about you, but temperatures over 60°F have me wanting to do one of two things.

a.  Speed down to the Milwaukee area as fast as our wheels can get us there, which we did yesterday evening, as evidenced by this cookie.

Colectivo is this amazing coffee joint/cafe out in Wisconsin, and it will definitely be the thing we miss the most once we move back… 😩

It was perfect walking weather, and since we are knee-deep in a Fitbit steps competition, we both welcomed that opportunity!  Not to mention, we hadn’t been to the suburbs around Milwaukee (probably one of our favorite areas) in a really long time, so it was nice to not only get back there, but do so in weather that actually felt like spring!  Super grateful for that evening, and I actually kept thinking about it all day, really excited to do it all over again this weekend.  Ha, you’d think we went to some major event or party.  Nope, just essentially went for a walk.  An hour away.  It’s the little things when you haven’t felt warm air in months! 😂

And what about letter b?  Believe it or not, the other thing nice fresh spring weather makes me gaga over?  Cleaning.  Like, real cleaning.  The spring kind.  Where you actually move furniture when you vacuum, and sweep the floor behind the couch that has been untouched since the couch got there… last July. 🙊  Well, if there were such a thing as fall cleaning, maybe I would have gotten there sooner.  Hehe.

I don’t necessarily enjoy the cleaning, but for some reason, I’m super motivated when I can open the windows and smell the fresh air.  It makes me want to make the house fresh too.  And when your husband works all day and you’re basically waiting around to do letter a, you might as well clean, right?

Does anyone else have the sudden desire to clean and organize once the birds start chirping and the air starts smelling like blossoms?  What do you like do to?

Hope everyone has a great weekend!  Enjoy the weather if you’ve got it!


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