it’s visitor season!

Happy Friday all!

I hope you all recovered from your three day weekends just in time for another weekend!  Ha.  Probably easier said than done, but isn’t it amazing how much quicker a four-day week goes by than a five-day?!  I vote for four days on, three days off.  Am I right or am I right?  Where’s Bernie S. when you need him??  (Hehe.)

First things first, I do want to give a very heart-filled shoutout to any and all of our amazing service men & women, and those who have sacrificed before you.  We are so very blessed to live in the land of the free, because of you, the brave, so that we may have the glorious three-day weekend that we did.  And no matter how many beach days, BBQs & furniture sales may sometimes imply otherwise, the vast majority of us will never forget that, nor take it for granted.  Thank you, thank you, and thank you. ❤️💙

So how was everyone’s weekend??  As for the Undomestic household, we had Anthony’s brother in town!  First visitor in about seven months, and his first visit in two years!

He was here for a quick few days, mostly spent in Milwaukee because, let’s face it… We basically live there.

It was so great having someone from home to show around and make the house feel a little less empty.  Not to mention it was a great practice run for my parents’ arrival in two weeks, and then Anthony’s parents and two of his other siblings a week after that.  June is going to fly by, that’s for sure!

I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t also a huge bonus to not have to take a selfie whenever I want a picture of Anthony and me somewhere. 😜

Having impending visitors also really gets your butt in gear when it comes to decorating the house.  Or, at least, the walls.  A while back I had posted about my gallery wall dilemma.  Well, it’s still sort of the same situation, but a lot of our upstairs walls, while now repainted, still sit bare.

We have no children, and still have a living room wall full of us, and while I love each and every photo, all together, they are a wee bit shrine-y and gag worthy.  I used to think I didn’t want nature or anything without people, but I’m recently rethinking this as our gray walls look a lot more like they are “missing something” than they did when they were a murky cardboard brown and it was still ok for them to look unfinished.  Because they were unfinished.

So I have recently had a change of heart!  Nature and landscapes it is!  We found that before Anthony’s brother flew in, we were scrambling to find photos of us & family that would go together and not look like they were just thrown up there last minute to fill space… which they totally would have been.  As in, we planned to run to Walmart to get some quick prints the day before he arrived. 😂

As it turns out, this was much harder than I anticipated, and so we went with bare walls, and he didn’t really notice.  And I’m sure no one will, really.  I don’t think people notice empty walls as much as they notice what is on them when they are filled.  So, in effort to make it look cohesive and intentional for our next batch of visitors, I have recently become obsessed with the idea of taking one giant landscape and cutting it into three separate parts.

Making a normal-sized photo look much bigger, and using three frames per photo allows me to use one photo and still make it look like our walls are proportionately filled.

So now the challenge is: what photos do I use?  I’m thinking a cityscape of Milwaukee, maybe something from Lake Michigan, and then a shot of a field or something, because good ole Wisco has a great selection of those to choose from.

Wish me luck!  I have a special knack for taking a simple project and turning it into an over-thought dramatic process, so, keep your fingers crossed we can knock this one out by next weekend, hehe.

Any special plans for the weekend ahead?  Over here we will be demo’ing a wall in our basement… at least it will be raining, ha!

Happy Weekend! 💕

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