holiday weekend vibes

Whew!  Well, I had certainly intended to post quite a bit more of the last three weeks than I have.  In a nutshell, my mom visited for a week mid-late June, and then four days later, Anthony’s family came for almost a week and stayed until the third, and things haven’t slowed down until this afternoon where I’m actually very uncomfortably unoccupied.

Visits are amazing.  No matter when they are, nor for how long.  It is always nice to see family, but these past few weeks were even more enjoyable because it had been a good six months since we had seen anyone from home.

I don’t know about anyone else who lives far from family, but six months is a long time to go without seeing your mom, ha.

Normally there is a visit from someone around early spring, either they come here or we go there.  But this year we skipped Easter, making for the longest stretch of time without seeing our families since we moved out here back in January 2015.

Soo, needless to say, two visits later we are swirling in a homesick pool of depression that we may never swim our way out of— just kidding.  Hehe.  But for real.  It actually sucks a giant bag of you know whats when you have so much time with immediate families that it starts to feel like back in the day before you moved away to be an adult, and then that dreamlike state comes to a screeching halt at airport security where you say goodbye until next time.

Okay.  Still a hair on the dramatic side, but that’s actually what it feels like when I’m walking out of the airport crying for the life I used to know.  (I seriously can’t stop with the drama queen today.)  Granted, the awful feeling doesn’t last longer than the walk to the parking garage, but you do still feel a smidge emptier than you did before… you know?  In all seriousness though, I suppose being super emo about the departure just means the visit was all that much better, right?  Not to mention it just motivates us to finish up our bid-ness in the midwest and start thinking about our next move, which is undoubtedly eastward.


Fourth of July weekend, anyone??  How were yours??  Red, white, blue & full of summertime fun, I hope!

As for us, like I said, we had Anthony’s family here, and much to my excitement, his sister who is always up for helping me flex my photography muscle as I come out of slow season and into work mode!

Sheesh.  She’s so adorbs in that flag, you’d think she was born on the fourth of July.

Here, we tried something.  That clearly wasn’t working out.  I’m thinking it had something to do with the fact that my flag scarf was a scarf, even though I was trying to convince it and us that it was a blanket.  Nope.  But hey, at least I managed to jump into a few photos which normally only happens when there is somewhere to prop the camera with a timer. (Thanks mom-in-law! 😄)

Speaking of mom-in-law, there she is!  With that beaut of a sister-in-law of mine who is also like the little sister I never had.  I’m sure you can see why I’m obsessed with carrying my camera everywhere she goes. 😍 #model

And of course it wouldn’t be a holiday without the obligatory (for him) photo of me and my best guy.

And then the whole fam bam.. well actually, it’s missing Anthony’s two older brothers.  They’re an XL group, that’s for sure.

We for the most part oscillated between Lake Michigan — I love showing people that lake and having them not believe it’s not an ocean.  And by them, I also mean me.  I still don’t believe it’s just a lake — and heading farther southbound each day.  We showed them a few spots we liked to eat, two picture perfect towns called Cedarburg & Whitefish Bay in the hopes that they too will move here so that we don’t have to leave, and managed to piggyback onto their Costco membership– all in one weekend!  It was a great trip overall, but in the interest of full disclosure, I would have considered the trip a smashing success even if all we did was go to Costco.  Trust me, there is more to come on this euphoric experience.  And no, despite my reaction, it was not my first time there.

And one more group shot, for good measure, right before heading to the airport.  And yep, you guessed it — there was a picnic bench in Milwaukee for me to prop the camera on.  Hehe.  Also, for the record, I am 5′ tall & Anthony’s sister is 5’1, not to mention, I am normally up to Anthony’s chin, so, something is up with this location.  Naturally, I would be the one standing in some invisible ditch. 😂

Since they left on the third, we did end up spending the 4th of July just us, but that’s ok.  It was a little lonely, but it was nice to have some chill time before Anthony had to go back to work today.  Shoutout to him for being willing to take one more basic photo with his crazy wife to close the long weekend.  Especially since I totally ruined the photo while trying to use my phone as a remote timer and simultaneously not set myself on fire, nor miss the photo while the sparkler burned out.  Ha.  It’s rough being a photo nerd!  But it’s ok.  Even if the photo wasn’t perfect, the weekend was.  And I’m not going to lie, I actually like this photo a lot better than the one where I was looking at the camera.

I hope everyone had a great long holiday weekend!  And I apologize for anyone who follows me on Instagram and had an overload of these photos all weekend long, hehe.

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