five fun & easy traditions for couples

It’s that time again – time for my annual post!  Ha.  Just kidding.  But it certainly seems like I only post once a year, lately. 😂

It is an annual post though.

In September, we took our annual photo in Mystic, Connecticut, on our trip back east for our anniversary.


This is our one tradition, and I’m obsessed with it.  I cling to it like a kindergartener clings to a mom’s leg on the first day of school, (maybe that was just me?) because it’s all we’ve got.  At least the only thing we have that spans the length of our relationship.  Six years, six photos.  My OCD loves this because it fits into a neat little box.  And it’s all we will ever have that runs the length of “Samanthony” because it happened by accident.  We took a photo there one year, and then accidentally ended up there the next and took one for laughs.  Thus, by year three, we just had to keep doing it!

Clearly I wasn’t nearly as conscious of my love for traditions back when we started dating.

But, given that we do have the one that dates back to the origins of us & my OCD can rest easy, I’m not so anal about starting new ones at random times.


And with it being fall, and October, and the beginning of the best time of the year, well, when is a better time than the warmest and fuzziest time of all?  So I thought I would pull together a few tradition ideas for not only myself, but anyone who is looking to start something fun and new either for yourself or for you and your partner!

– Five easy traditions to start right now! –


1| The aforementioned annual photo op!

It doesn’t matter if you haven’t done it since conception, you can start this any time!  Is there a place you go every year?  Something you do regularly?  Here is an example- Anthony & I went out for coffee on June 8, 2015.  We took a selfie by Lake Michigan, and a year later, Facebook kindly reminded me that we did this.  So, of course, 2016 we followed suit and did it again.  This is such a fun and easy tradition, you can do it with something as simple as taking the same selfie over the years!  No need to overthink it.  I do enough of that for all of us.  I gotcha covered.

In case anyone’s wondering where 6/8/17’s selfie is, we were going to get our third photo for our third year in Wisco., (my OCD was tingling it was so perfect) however we got a little selfie-conscious (credit to my midwesty besty for that term) because there were HOARDS of humans everywhere b/c some damn birds had landed. In fact, the birds were in the exact spot where we take our photo. So I’m not sure who killed the tradition. The humans, the birds, or my self-consciousness. I blame(d) the people. BUT, the good news is, I think most people are less self-conscious than I am about that kind of thing, so? Snap away! Also, can we talk about how Anthony literally wore the same outfit two years in a row? By accident?? Come ON. 😂


2| Pumpkin painting or carving!

I know this one is sort of a ‘duh’ item, but not as ‘duh’ as you may think, since Anthony and I have only managed to do this years number two and four out of our six Halloweens/autumns spent together! 😂  But not for lack of trying.  Last year we bought the pumpkins, but just displayed them on our front porch instead of carving or painting them.  But I wish we had!  Not to mention, if you’re carving them, once you gut the poor lil guys, you can bake the seeds for a nice salty treat that goes great with a nice cup of hot chocolate!




3| Holiday hike!

If you know me, then you know my only physical activity on holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas is eating all of the foods, multiple times.  However, I’m looking to change that up this year, since our holidays will be a little less of a scrambled rush (we are usually on a time-crunched trip back east, which may not be the case this year!) and a little more of a relaxed pace, and since it has been ages since I have hiked, (it’s pretty darn flat out here in our neck of Wisconsin) I’m thinking 2017 is the year to start going for a holiday hike either before or after* the food fest!

* it will be before, because once it starts, there is no “after,” it just continues until I go to bed, get sick or die. 🐷


4| Ice skating!

I. Love. Ice. Skating.  I took lessons when I was a kid, and was basically a wannabe Tara Lipinski (complete with her poster hanging in my room) for about three minutes.  Eventually the tomboy in me took over, and my skating lessons turned into me playing hockey on my grandma’s pond each winter with my cousins. During the holiday season in Milwaukee, they combine skating with Starbucks and have a rink literally right outside the doors!  In fact, you go into Starbucks to rent your skates!  I’m not 100% but I’m very sure most places have ice rinks, at least in the winter — grab (or rent) your pair and get on that ice!  I’m still trying to convince Anthony to go with me at least once while we are living out here.  I need me some faux Rockefeller Center feeling!  It’s super fun, easy, and inexpensive!


5| Host a Friendsgiving or Ugly Sweater party!

What better way to celebrate all that we have to be thankful for, than by surrounding yourself with food and friends and giving!  This can be done either in addition to or instead of family Thanksgiving if you live far away or don’t always celebrate the holiday.  Have everyone sign up to bring a dish and a non-perishable donation item that can be dropped off at your local food bank, good will, etc for those who aren’t as blessed this time of year.  You get to have a great time with food and friends, avoid the stress of family holidays (or just put it off 😂) and you get to give back to your communities that are always deceptively full of people in need! 🦃

For the ugly sweater party, guests bringing dishes are optional, but if you’re in the spirit of giving, have them bring a donation item in place of a side dish!




What are some of your favorite traditions??

Hope everyone has an awesome Halloween weekend! 💀👻🎃🍫🍭🍬

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