ten year high school reunion. yay or nay?

We had a wedding back home this past weekend.  I flew in almost a week early to surprise my mom for her birthday and to fit in a few photography sessions before the holidays.

Two of those sessions were for two girls I went to high school with.  One was a family session and the other an engagement session.


One friend is married with a kindergartener.  Another is engaged and getting married next Fall.  Anthony and I got married two years ago.  Remember when we graduated high school what feels like four years ago and somehow, suddenly we are inches away from our ten-year reunion?  Holy shit you guys, pump the brakes! 😳😂

All denial aside, clearly we are dangerously close to being ten years past high school graduation.  Technically summer of next year, but still.  If we want to get technical, it’s been ten years since the fall semester of my senior year.  So, yeah.  Close enough for me to be making some room in my wallet for my AARP card.

But, in all seriousness, in the coming months I’ll be facing one of the bigger, unavoidable decisions that come with adulthood.

To reunion, or not to reunion? 

After graduating, I always said, “hahah yeah omg lol I’ll  totally go to the reunion if I am married and have a kid or something.”  Well, I’m 50% of those things, and if I’m being honest, having a kid by reunion time isn’t exactly outside the realm of possibility yet either, so I’m starting to back pedal a little bit and in introverted panic, eat my 9.5-year-old words.  Am I locked into this now??  (Not actually locked in, but I mean, as far as my requirements for my personal attendance.)

Do I think my life is a sweeping success by society’s definition?  HA, abso-f*cking-lutely not. 😂  I dropped out of college after being interested in almost every possible major except for astronomy, dove head first into Starbucks and tried to work my way up that little ladder until we were transplanted in Wisconsin where I finally grew a pair and started the photography business I had actually wanted since my very first Canon point-and-shoot at age 16.  Hardly the “success” I necessarily thought I pictured for myself ten short years down the road.

However, I have to laugh at my 18-year-old projected expectations.  I sometimes sit and think about all the quote-unquote bad choices I made regarding college and not finishing, or ending my love affair with Starbucks due to midwestern misery.  But maybe I’m right where I should be.  Since, 16-year-old Sam wanted to be a photographer, and 18-year-old Sam saw herself as a wife and mother… that’s 2/3 of the way to my “ten year” goal, so maybe I’m not where society would consider successful, but maybe I’m also not quite unsuccessful either?

Anyway, that’s neither here nor there.  I have had an unexpected amount of thoughts about reunions, and I think I can probably compile a pro/con list that will be shockingly equal.  Which I think I just might do in an upcoming post.  But for now, did you reunion or not reunion?  Do you plan to  reunion if you’re not as alarmingly close to the senior citizen discount as I am?  Any regrets?  Pleasant surprises?  Help a former wallflower out!


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