Top 5 Things About Living in a Hotel

Month one & done!

As of today, it has officially been one month that we have been living The Suite Life of Sam & Anthony on the outskirts of Boston! (And one month until Anthony’s birthday!)

While it actually feels like forever since Anthony started his job, the individual weeks, believe it or not, flew by!  Which is amazing considering I basically sit and stare at a wall all day.

And by sit and stare I mean sit and knit, and stare at my iPad that’s playing Buffy the Vampire Slayer binge-style like I’m a high school sophomore all over again.

I definitely went into this whole experience similarly to how I go into most things: assuming it’ll suck.  Ha!  Super positive, of course. 😂

But I have to say, there have been quite a few positives that are making this whole “life in hotel” thing not so bad!

I have learned to be super patient.  Anyone who knows me knows I’m not the most patient person.  I like things to be as quick as possible, and I am just not super great at waiting.  I’m not sure why that is.  Ha.  But, I have to say, since my “job” right now is to drive Anthony to & from work each day, the whole waiting thing has been a large part of the package.  Whether it’s waiting in traffic to drop him off, waiting in a hotel room to go pick him up or waiting in traffic to come back to the hotel after work, waiting is basically what I do.  And it has taught me to chill out and that waiting isn’t so bad.  That I don’t always have to be doing something or rushing off to do something, and that I can sit and chill with me, myself and I and not be crazy bored.  I mean, it gives a whole new meaning to “me time,” but beyond that, it definitely doesn’t feel as “padded white room” as I thought it was going to.

Heinously cropped & large text because it’s from my Instagram story 😂

The Little Things Become Big Things.  In a good way, I mean.  Back before we were living the Suite Life (literally just a play on Zach & Cody, our room is by no stretch of the definition a “suite.” 😂)  Anthony & I would go out to dinner randomly, run to Starbucks, walk around Milwaukee, just plain go out when we felt bored or in the mood to get out of the house.  Nowadays and until March 16, there are two events that I look forward to each week (minus leaving the hotel for the weekend).  Eating dinner at Panera Bread on Tuesdays, and getting gas on Thursdays.  Yes.  Panera became date night, and gas became my coveted weekly activity that I actually really anticipate.  And, well, it could be because we live in a hotel, but I guess it could also be because I’m 28 going on 82.  There’d be no way of knowing either way. 😂

I’ve Become More Independent.  I’ve never been super dependent.  I like doing things on my own, if I can.  I don’t like to ask for help, and I don’t like when someone has to do things for me.  But navigation and driving were two things I was always glad to hand off to someone else, if possible.  Not driving on its own– I actually love to drive.  But anytime we would drive in the city, I would happily jump in the passenger seat.  But being that Anthony needs rides to and from work and is dealing with a knew job while I quite literally “sit home and knit,” (name that movie!) I figured the least I could do was navigate the insanity that is the Boston commute & figure out the train situation for when we are moved into our new house.  In the beginning it was a little nerve wracking, but I’m really grateful for the much-needed shove outside of my comfort zone!

Fear not. This is driving out of Boston in the morning. The hellish traffic i speak of is on the other side of the highway 😇

I’m Knitting More.  Since it’s one of the only things there is to do.  Ever.  I have been knitting since October of 2016, but the last few weeks I’ve really been pushing myself to pump out a project per week, and I’m even finally starting on my first sweater once I’m done with this post!  Well, adult sweater.  Did I mention I’m 82?

Valentine’s Day hat for my niece

I’ve Gone Back to the Gym.  Here’s the thing.  The gym & I are very Selena & Justin.  I join every new year because it’s cheap.  I go regularly for a month or two, do the bare minimum, eat whatever I want, and then whine about how many chins I have.  Then I lose motivation, skip a day here and there, only to eventually stop going, cancel my membership, and then start the process over again the next year.  Well this year, since I just sit and do next to nothing all day, I’ve joined up again, and now am going three days a week and staying a good hour and a half each time, as opposed to my 30 minutes in and out in years past.  It’s so much easier to stay there for longer when there’s nothing else for me to do.  Down the road when we are in our house, we’re hoping to commandeer my mother-in-law’s treadmill.  Hopefully by that point it’ll be enough of a habit that I’ll keep it up!  Definitely planning on reaching that “beach body” goal this year!  Especially since Anthony’s vacation time is much more flexible, and we can actually go on one, rather than using it all on Connecticut! 🙂

Bought it because the bottle was cute & only 10¢ more than the other option.. don’t worry, I’m still cheap 💁

So, it’s not all bad!  In fact, aside from the boring evenings and crappy drivers (more on that later), this whole Boston stint is turning out to be quite the little journey to a better me.  Haha.  That sounds lame.  😂

Happy Thursday everyone!  Any fun weekend plans?  Or better yet– Valentine’s Day is coming in hot!  What do you love to do for yourself or your significant other on Love Day?

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