Positive Pivots

Happy Weekending, peeps!

Thought I’d kick this much-needed weekend off with a little anecdote where a negative turned out positive, as I know I personally did some serious whining this past Mon through Fri.. it was a long one, what can I say? πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

So without further ado…


I’m alive!

Okay, duh. Β We should all be grateful for that every single day, but aside from the obvious… Anthony had to work late last night. Β And I mean super late. Β Like 2:30am late. Β And as I may have mentioned about 76 times yesterday, my purpose in life right now is to chauffeur the husby and knit my fingers into oblivion while binge-watching One Tree Hill, getting nostalgic about high school as though it were anything even remotely resembling Tree Hill High. (It wasn’t. Β I have no idea what I think I miss.) Β But if Anthony is working til 2:30 then it means yours truly is schlepping out to get him at 2:30. Β Which honestly isn’t a problem. Β I don’t mind driving, and I don’t mind being up late. Β The small issue however, is this mild paranoia I have which stems from countless hours of the Investigation Discovery channel & SVU marathons & oh yeah, my Facebook newsfeed that alerts me of murder almost daily.


Our hotel is sketchy. Β I would even call it ghetto. Β It’s a weird combination of indoor and outdoor corridors. Β For some reason, Β I associate these hotels with danger. Β I don’t know, I just prefer indoor. Β But because of this, anytime I need to leave the room after dark, I may or may not pack the scissors I stole from Anthony & claimed as my knitting scissors. Β I do this at 5:30pm. Β So it probably doesn’t take too much imagination to guess how I felt about venturing out of our little pod-o-safety at 2-freaking-30am. Β πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

Longng story short, my anxiety got the better of me. Β I all-but decided this was how I was destined to die, and it made me annoyed, and cranky, and bitchy and is it too much to ask to get one last weekend??! Β β€” My brain on Investgation Discovery. πŸ™ƒ


So after giving anxiety free reign of my brain and being a wee bit bitchy to Anthony and probably unnecessarily rushing him, he was finally able to finish up his work for his deadline. Β It was time for me to make the dreaded walk down the two flights of stairs (the elevators are broken.. definitely not characteristic of a horror movie or anything) through the lobby, out the door and over to my car.

As it turns out, even creepers have a bedtime, and thankfully for me, 2:30am was long past theirs, and they were all tucked away for the night.

Anthony did encounter a weirdo on his walk to where I pick him up… another gallon of fuel for my already healthy bonfire of anxiety, but luckily he did not stop and let the guy β€œask him a question,” and just kept walking right into the car. Β Phew.

We survived, guys! Β Who’da thought?! Β And anyone who is a paranoid hypochondriac and regularly assumes something horrible is going to happen definitely understands that sweet, sweet relief when it doesn’t. Β It’s like getting a whole other chance at life, am I right? πŸ˜‚

Literally me anytime I realize I’m not dying. πŸ’

Happy Friday, friends! 😘


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